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Mississippi State redshirt sophomore safety Brandon Bryant is enjoying the new defense

Mississippi State redshirt sophomore Brandon Bryant is enjoying the new defense and his new role as a leader on the team.

The first thing that impressed Bryant were the new defensive coaches.

"The new coaches have been really good," he said. "They came in during the spring and did a great job with us. They came in with the attitude of getting us better. And we are doing what we have to do to fix what needs to be fixed, which is focusing on going out and executing at a high level. "

The second thing that impressed Bryant is the way the defense utilizes the safeties.

"It basically helps us make a lot of plays," said Bryant. "The safeties help the (other defensive players) get in the right positions to make plays."

Bryant expects big things from the defense as a whole.

"The defense will be better because we will have more effort and more awareness of the ball," said Bryant. "Coach is all about effort and awareness. We have a completely different concept when we approach the line of scrimmage. We aren't just thinking about making tackles but also about turnovers and stripping the ball. The first person will hold them up and we will come and try to strip the ball."

Off the field, Bryant's role has taken on an expanded role this season.

"I am on the leadership committee of the team this year," he said. "I am one of the younger guys on it. The entire team voted on it."

Bryant explained what he feels his role is as a leader.

"As a leader, you have to set your pride off to the side and do what you have to do for your team," said Bryant. "I have always felt comfortable being a leader. It was like that in high school, too. I have been an underdog all of my life but I have never been afraid to speak out. But I'm not the type of leader who just bashes you. I will give a pat on the shoulder and help lift you up. And I will also tell you when you are doing wrong. I just want to help everybody."

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