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Georgia big man still waiting out the process.

Mississippi State was one of the top two programs in the pecking order for offensive lineman Caleb Chandler before he committed to Iowa State. Now back on the market, Chandler is planning to take a methodical approach to the recruiting process before making his final decision. With the regular season set to begin soon, Chandler is looking into setting up five official visits.

"I am trying to see what all games I want to see and things like that," Caleb Chandler said. "I am going to Florida when they play LSU (October 8th). I am going to be going to Miami and to Iowa State, but I am not sure of the dates. I am planning on seeing Louisville and Mississippi State. I am still talking with them about when that is going to be. I want to be able to see some good games and see the game day atmosphere."

Earlier this summer, Chandler committed to Iowa State but then backed away from that decision. The Jefferson High School standout felt he may have rushed the process just a bit and now wants to take some visits before closing out his recruitment.

"I am still taking my time with everything," Chandler said. "I don't graduate until May, so I have plenty of time to make my decision. I am still getting to know everybody and getting an idea of what each program has to offer. I am talking with coaches from Florida, Mississippi State, Iowa State and Louisville the most. I still hear some from UGA (Georgia) too. I feel like I have a good relationship with all of the coaches that are recruiting me. I am keeping everybody even for now. I don't have a leader and I want to take my visits before I think about a leader."

With his senior season beginning in a matter of days, Chandler is putting his recruitment on the back burner for now. In an effort to be a great teammate and enjoy his senior season, the talented guard is putting his best foot forward on the high school football fields of Georgia.

"We got off to a good start to practice last week," Chandler said. "We have the scrimmage game coming up on Thursday and then the next week we get started. We are playing a new school called Discovery in week one. I saw them play basketball and they were quick and athletic. We are expecting them to sort of be that same way on the football field. We don't know what type of team they are going to have, but we are getting ready for a challenge."

All high school football players aspire to win it all and have their senior seasons immortalized with banners in their home stadium. Chandler reports that his squad has put in the effort to prepare for a run deep into the state playoff this year and possibly have a season to remember.

"We have been working so hard," Chandler said. "We have been going at it since January and all through the summer. I am proud of how hard everybody has worked and I feel like we're ready for a big year. I feel like if everybody keeps working together and we just come together as a team that we can have a great season. I am looking forward to it."

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