Race Down to Three Dogs But Remains Even Mid-Way of Preseason

The competition just got a little simpler. But it’s not any clearer which of the three remaining Bulldog quarterbacks is going to get the first snap of 2016.

At least that’s how Brian Johnson scores things mid-way of preseason. After two weeks of training camp and one full scrimmage, it is still an even race to the quarterbacks coach. And until Damian Williams, Nick Fitzgerald, or Nick Tiano show Johnson and Coach Dan Mullen the consistency sought of the offense’s leader…the race continues.

Johnson met with media to talk about his impressions of last week’s scrimmage, what he wants to see at the second this Friday (hint: it starts with ‘c’); and how fortunate Mississippi State is to pick up walk-on a quality junior college transfer quarterback at this point of preseason, especially how it will impact scout team work once the season begins.

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