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New Hope High (MS) standout big man claims he has a good idea about which school he will sign with.

The Trojans of New Hope looked impressive in their 29-8 jamboree win over Morton. Hosting their own pre-season dress rehearsal, New Hope handled their business under the Friday night lights and then played host to six other contests on Saturday. When the weekend was over, senior defensive lineman Tae-Kion Reed looked the part of a big time college prospect.

A solid summer netted Tae-kion Reed some increased attention from college coaches. The field chasing Reed's signing day signature will likely grow if he has the senior season he is capable of.

Reed is playing on both sides of the football this year. While his college projection is on the defensive side of the football, Reed is happy to serve double duty this fall to help his team make a run deep into the state playoffs.

"I am happy, because we have a new kid in now," Reed said. "(JaQuan Bell) is pretty good and he's playing on the defensive line. That allows me to get some breaks and I think that will help me hold up. I feel good about how the season is going to go though. I like playing all of the time."

From his left tackle position, Reed did some real damage. If there was not a defensive player lined directly across from him, Reed would go find one even at the echo of the whistle at times.

"I was just reading the defense," Reed said. "We thought they were going to come out and play stack, which they're pretty good in. It's tough to face a stack sometimes, because of the plays we run. It was a little easier when they came out in the 4-3. It was a little easier to see what they were coming with, their blitzes were a little easier to pick up. I was able to read some things and let the guard next to me know who to pick up."

A handful of college programs have maintained routine correspondence with Reed over the course of the last few months. With his season opener mere days away, Reed has an idea about where he wants to spend his college future.

"I am still getting a lot of mail and some calls," Reed said. "I am just trying to keep everybody even. I don't want anybody to really know where I am going even though in my mind I think I have a spot where I want to go. I don't want to burn any bridges too soon. One plan might fall through, so I need a back up plan. That is why I don't want to commit anywhere right now."

While commitment day is still undetermined, Reed reports that he has a hand full of options from programs that he is extremely interested in. 

"Right now, I would say the ones I am interested in are Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Alabama and Memphis," Reed said. "Now I am just trying to focus on the season. I might do something during the season, but I am probably just going to wait until after my season is over. I just don't want to commit too early and end up burning bridges. I just want to keep my options open."

Reed is one of the best kept secrets in Mississippi. After seeing the intensity the talented senior brings on both sides of the ball, he will not remain a hidden gem for very long.

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