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Mississippi State redshirt freshman center Harrison Moon is preparing for SEC play

Mississippi State redshirt freshman center Harrison Moon has been working hard to prepare himself for play in the Southeastern Conference.

He came in as a 260-pound offensive lineman who was one of the top offensive tackles in the state of Tennessee. He learned very quickly that to play in the SEC he needed to gain weight and strength. And he worked hard to do that during his redshirt year.

"I didn't gain a heck of a lot of weight the first summer because there was so much conditioning but, then, as the season went on and we did all of the weight lifting I started gaining a little weight and bulking up a little bit," said Moon, who was converted to center last season. "I am 295 right now but I would like to be 300 pounds. But I want it to be the right kind of weight. (Strength and Conditioning) Coach (Nick) Savage does a great job. And (Offensive Line) Coach (John) Hevesy does a great job telling us what we should eat so we can build the lean muscle mass."

In addition to teaching him what to eat, Coach Hevesy also has stressed the importance of attitude and fundamentals.

"Coach Hevesy teaches us to be mean and nasty guys on the line," said Moon. "So, I try to do everything I can to be mean and nasty. I never want to be called soft because if you are soft you can't play in the SEC. That is how football is in the south. So, I try to keep that chip on my shoulder.

"Coach Hevesy also stresses fundamentals because he is a fundamental perfectionist. He is really tough on us on that. He also wants me to become more consistent snapping the ball."

Moon has seen first-hand in practice when going against veteran defensive linemen such as Nick James, Nelson Adams and A.J. Jefferson the importance of knowing his fundamentals and technique.

"When you go against (our defensive linemen in practice) you learn if you have good technique and fundamentals," said Moon. "Since I am still trying to gain weight, for me to beat those guys I have to be a fundamental freak."

In addition to being a fundamental freak, he is also working hard on understanding the offense.

"I think I am getting a good grip of the offense. You have to when you are the center," said Moon. "From the spring to this camp, I have gotten it down pretty good. I have the basis of it down. Now, it is time to dig deep and translate that to the field."

He will possibly get his first chance to do that on September 3rd when the Bulldogs take on South Alabama at 11 am on the campus of Mississippi State.

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