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Mississippi State redshirt freshman tight end Farrod Green worked hard during his redshirt season

Mississippi State redshirt freshman tight end Farrod Green worked hard during his redshirt season.

Green quickly learned that a redshirt year was in his best interest.

"I quickly learned that these guys on defense are fast," said Green. "Going to a smaller high school, you don't really like to admit it but you know that you don't always have to go as hard because you are more talented than the other guys. Then, when you get here, everybody is big and fast and everybody was the best player on their team. You are going against the best of the best. It is not high school any longer. You have to put your pride to the side and trust the process and buy into (Mississippi State head) Coach (Dan) Mullen's system. Most of the greats have been through it, including Dak (Prescott).

"Dak came in here after not being highly recruited and he redshirted just like I did. He bought into Coach Mullen's system, trusted the process, then when his time came he showed up for it. And that is exactly what I am trying to do."

Getting bigger and stronger were the first two steps in the process for Green.

"I was 222 when I first got here and now I am 242 to 245," said Green. "When I first got here my body fat was 16%. Now I am 10 or 11%. I am physically and mentally a lot stronger.

"Getting stronger and faster is something that I needed because I sometimes have to block (defensive lineman) A.J. Jefferson, then sometimes I might have to block (linebacker) J.T. Gray."

Going against the best eventually helped Green's confidence.

"Going against the best and seeing yourself winning some against the best, that just makes you realize that you belong here," said Green.

While his strength and speed have improved, that is only part of the process that will help him get on the field. He also has to learn to be consistent with his play.

"(Tight ends) Coach (Scott) Sallach wants us to get better step-by-step, day-by-day on the little things," said Green. "He wants us to continue learning and continue to get better. His biggest thing is wanting us to be consistent on every play. I know we are young but we have to go harder, give relentless effort."

He will find out this coming Saturday when Mississippi State hosts South Alabama how all his hard work has paid off.

"It is time," said Green. "It is a dream come true. I have been waiting on this. I have been working toward this. This is what it has all come down to. Now, I am ready to perform."

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