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Tre Brown: From Junior College To The SEC

Mississippi State junior defensive lineman Tre Brown is making the adjustment from junior college football to SEC football.

"When I first got here I didn't know what to do because it was all new to me," said Brown. "It was very different from juco. Mostly, I had to get my mind focused and get on the weights and work out in spring training. That is kind of hard to do when you are breathing hard and sweating on the field. You have to work through it."

He also had to get used to the high level of talent.

"On the field everybody is good here," said Brown. "In juco there were a few good o-linemen on this team and a few good o-linemen on that team. But in the SEC every o-lineman is good. You have to adjust to that quickly by focusing and preparing."

Getting used to playing in front of a lot of people was also an adjustment for him.

"I learned a lot from the Maroon and White game because when you are practicing, there is nobody out there watching you," said Brown. "When you have a lot of people watching you you have to focus on your assignments, hand placement and your technique. Really, I learned that you have to focus when you are on the field."

He used the summer months to evaluate his game.

"During the summer, mostly what I did was watch film of what I did in the spring," said Brown. "That helped me get better with my technique and my keys."

Coming into the fall, he wanted to key on the mental aspect of his game.

"For me, physically I am already there," said Brown. "I had to focus on more of the mental aspect of the game coming into this fall. Mental as in film, workouts and my keys. I have been here since January so it is getting better week by week. I think I am getting pretty close to being there mentally."

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