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Brandon Bryant believes Mississippi State will be a different team this weekend

Mississippi State sophomore safety Brandon Bryant believes MSU fans will see a different defense this weekend against South Carolina.

What happened last Saturday against South Alabama was a first for Bryant.

"Last Saturday against South Alabama we came out in the second half and lost our enthusiasm and our juice of playing a game," said Bryant. "We were the superior team. Since I have been here we have never lost to a team that we were superior to. And we can't let that happen ever again."

He explains why he doesn't expect the same results this coming Saturday.

"This week in practice has been unbelievable," said Bryant. "We have been practicing with enthusiasm, effort, energy, running to the ball. All eleven heads have been getting to the ball on defense. This weekend it is going to be a different game because it is going to be very nasty, very physical on defense."

He expects MSU to play like they did in the first half of last weekend's game.

"The team you saw in the first half of last week's game is what you will see this weekend the entire game," said Bryant. "We are going to show people that we are one of the best defenses in the SEC."

He believes it will all come down to playing at a high level.

"We want to execute at a high level and stay that way the entire game," said Bryant. "All eleven on defense need to run to the ball on every play. The coaches have put an emphasis on that this week in practice."

Bryant is doing his part to make sure that happens by being a leader each day in practice.

"I consider myself a leader and coming from a leadership standpoint you have to be vocal but you have to have a feel for your teammates," he said. "You can't just always bash your teammate for doing something wrong in practice. You have to give them a pat on the back and tell them what we have to do and why we have to do it."

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