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A quick look at what Columbus High School running back Kylin Hill brings to the table.

One of Mississippi State's top in state verbal commitments, Kylin Hill, grew up a short drive away from the Starkille campus in nearby Columbus. Now a senior, Hill is showing the Magnolia State that the CHS Falcons can be real contenders in 2016. With region play set to begin soon, Hill is off to a strong start.

In this clip, Kylin Hill shows how quickly he can get to the edge. Hill takes the inside hand-off and quickly gets up to full speed. A defensive back steps up in an attempt to set the edge, but Hill is able to cut back and power through an arm tackle and on into the end zone.

The Columbus offensive line has made some real strides over the course of the last few weeks, but there are times Hill has to improvise. On this play, Hill shows a bit of a jump cut as his desired path is impeded. Hill makes the adjustment and then speeds on into the secondary for a sizable gain. His vision and ability to find the right hole make this play happen.

Many high school running backs struggle to impact the game without the ball in their hands. Hill proves to be a real asset even when the play is designed for another player. Hill never tips the play due to a lack of effort. Even when playing the role of the decoy, Hill runs wide open drawing the attention of at least one defender making him slow to react to the ball. On this play, Hill shows that he can play a physical brand of football even when his number isn't called.

Players who project as skill players in the SEC have to do more in high school other than simply play their projected position. Hill does his part to aid in the return game. In this play, you can see why Columbus High School head football coach Randal Montgomery wants Hill to have a high number of touches. With just a one or two solid blocks, Hill can change the game.

In addition to being a great ball carrier, Hill has developed into a very capable receiver out of the backfield. On this play, you can see Hill give the appearance that he's blocking. Once the backer clears, Hill turns around and takes the screen pass deep into West Point territory. If Hill goes to early, the timing of the play is off and the defense has a better chance to snuffing out the screen for no gain.

These few clips are from one half of football against an area rival, West Point, but they provide a solid sampling of Hill's ability. The four star talent plays well with and without the football, assists on special teams and is a well rounded back who can make an impact in a variety of ways. It is easy to see why Hill drew offers from around the country prior to committing to Mississippi State. Hill is a shoe in for the Mississippi/Alabama All-Star game where he should have the chance to showcase his considerable talents. 

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