Lackawanna College linebacker Shane Schuback shares his thoughts on Mississippi State.

Mississippi State has elected to run the linebacker friendly 3-4 scheme under first year defensive coordinator Peter Sirmon. The Bulldogs have a mix of talented veterans and hard hitting up and comers. With senior Richie Brown moving on after the season, there is room for a junior college transfer to come in and stand in the gap as the youngsters develop. Lackawanna College linebacker Shane Schuback is a likely candidate.

Shane Schuback comes from a football family, so his love and passion for the pigskin comes honestly. Growing up in small town Pennsylvania, Schuback dreamed the big dreams of major college football.

"I tell people all of the time that I grew up around football," Schuback said. "My dad was coaching football before I was even born, so I have always been around the game. I learned a lot about playing from being around my dad and seeing him coach my whole life."

Despite growing up a coach's kid, Schuback never really saw his college recruitment take off. After his senior season, the personable linebacker elected to enroll at Lackawanna College.

"I grew up in a small town, Old Forge (PA) and not a lot of kids from there get offers," Schuback said. "I didn't get a lot of looks in high school, so I ended up going to junior college. I am not sure a lot of people could handle this process. You have to ask yourself how much it all means to you. You have to get up early and do all of this. It's like a military school here, so you have to work for everything. It's all been worth it to me."

The hard work and long hours are beginning to pay off for the 6-2, 240 pound linebacker. A few weeks back, Mississippi State reached out to Schuback and his coaches to discuss the possibility of joining the Bulldog program next season.

"There had not been a lot of contact from Mississippi State before they offered," Schuback said. "I talked with them and they told me that they were looking for a Mike linebacker, because they had one leaving after this year.

"They thought it would be a good look for them to have me on their team. The coaches were telling me that they run a similar defense and that I fit what they wanted in a mike linebacker. They told me that my style of play was exactly what they were looking for."

An official visit is a real possibility in the coming weeks, but to date no plans have been made or plane tickets purchased. 

"We haven't set anything up yet, but I am hoping that we can work everything out for me to come during my bye week," Schuback said. "I am excited about getting down there and seeing everything. There aren't many guys from where I am from that get the chance to play in the SEC. It's exciting."

The Bulldogs are not the only program to show interest in the hard hitting Schuback. A handful of programs have been in touch with the Lackawanna standout since the season began and have requested additional film as they consider a potential offer.

"I have been hearing from from Purdue and UCF. I have heard a little from Pitt too," Schuback said. "A lot of people are wanting to see my film from the season and I have have sent them film from the first two games. I guess I will see how that goes."

Programs looking to enter the race in earnest should probably make a move sooner rather than later. With a January enrollment in mind, Schuback does not plan on dragging out the recruiting process.

"I am thinking about verballing around week six or so." Schuback said. "I figure by that time I should know who all is serious about me and what my options are. I am not trying to rush into anything, but I don't want to wait until the last minute either."

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