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A few clips of Mississippi State offensive line verbal Tyre Phillips in action against Itawamba CC

Mississippi State was expected to target several offensive line prospects in the 2017 signing class. With a handful of grants still available in 2016, the Bulldogs will be able to add some fresh reinforcements in time for spring practice. One of the expected newcomers is East Mississippi Community College starting left tackle Tyre Phillips

Last week, Tyre Phillips and the Lions of East Mississippi outlasted Itawamba in a shootout that was not decided until the game's final snap. Phillips did his part to protect his quarterback and pave the way for some solid ground gains.

In this first clip, you can see just have massive Phillips is. He shows good reaction on the snap, gets into his block rather quickly and gets his man on the ground with ease. 

In this clip, Phillips is having to contend with a smaller, quicker defensive end who appears to be lined up in a seven technique outside of Phillips' outside shoulder. He does a good job getting back in his set and getting his hands up. The ball got out quickly, but Phillips wasn't giving much ground after initial contact.

One of the first things you notice in this clip is that Phillips has good ankle flexion. Because Phillips can get all of his spikes in the ground, he has a more solid foundation to work with. He gets on the second level, but it's not necessarily an easy chore for him. As he gets into a college weight room and gets into SEC shape, this transition to the next level of the defense will be easier for him.

Phillips shows even better ankle flexion in this clip and he fires off the line and pretty much moves the pile into the end zone. While Phillips is not sustaining a solid block track here, he is getting the job done on short yardage. 

We have another pass protection clip here. Phillips gets out of his stance and gets his arms extended quickly. With his wingspan, he has no trouble getting extended and keeping defenders out and away from him. Again the ball gets out quickly, but there was no blind side risk. 

While this proved to be a rather nominal gain, Phillips is quick out of his stance on the snap and into his block. Before the defensive end could even react, Phillips had control of the encounter and drove his man into the ground.

In this clip, Phillips is having to contend with a speed rusher off of the edge. Phillips is beat out of his stance, but is able to keep a hand on the defensive end. Phillips is strong enough to stay engaged and push the rusher past his quarterback avoiding the sack.

Phillips is still relatively new to the game of football. After a limited high school career at Grenada High School, Phillips enrolled at East Mississippi in hopes of improving his college stock. As a freshman in Scooba, Phillips learned the ropes and played mostly as a back up. 

Now the starter at left tackle, Phillips is getting the game reps he needs to fine tune his skill set. While his best football lies ahead, Phillips has come a long way in a short time. He will probably need to shed a few pounds and get stronger before seeing SEC action, so a redshirt year should not be ruled out. 

Phillips has the better part of the year to figure all of that out. EMCC produces quality offensive lineman on an annual basis. As a member of the Lion program, Phillips is getting the reps and coaching he needs to prepare him for the rest of his college career. 

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