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West Point High School class of 2019 point guard, a player to watch in the 2019 class

West Point (MS) High School class of 2019 point guard Austin Crowley is a player to watch in the 2019 class.

  • Name: Austin Crowley
  • Classification: 2019
  • High School: West Point (MS) High School
  • Position: Point Guard
  • HT-WT: 6-foot-4, 160
  • Ranking: NR
  • Colleges of Interest: Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Southern Miss, Troy

Since he switched from shooting guard to point guard, Crowley has seen his recruiting interest pick up.

"I have interest from Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Southern Miss and Troy," said Crowley.

He explained how he found out that the colleges were recruiting him.

"My boy (Troy junior basketball player) Juan Davis goes to Troy and he told me that his coach has asked about me," said Crowley. "He said they are real interested in me. I am real cool with a lot of players at State. I know that Coach Ben (Howland) was asking about me and said he was recruiting me. Southern Miss came to all of my games at a camp. And Ole Miss was there, too."

Crowley pointed out the improvements that he has had since last season.

"Last year, I was a set shooter," said Crowley. "I really wasn't shooting off the dribble too much. But now, after I switched from a shooting guard to a point guard, I am better at shooting off of screens. And I can dribble the ball a lot better now. I can also take it to the rack better now."

Being a point guard, leadership ability on the court is a valuable commodity. And Crowley is working hard to be a leader.

"I am working on my leadership ability," said Crowley. "My dad always told me to be a leader on the court. If you are a leader, then they are going to respect you. I just try to helph my teammates do the right thing. If I see them doing something wrong, even if they are older than me, I will tell them. And my teammates respect me and I respect them. If they tell me something I will listen to them and if I tell them something they will listen to me."

Although he is not a high school teammate of his, Robert Woodard is an AAU teammate of Crowley's. They have been best of friends for quite awhile. They even work out together, trying to help each other improve their games.

"I have been knowing Robert for a long time," said Crowley. "I knew him before we were into basketball. We have been best friends for a long time. We have been sticking together for a long time. And I hope we stick together for a long time. We even work out together, working on our craft."

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