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Brandon Weatherspoon: The Next Weatherspoon

Velma Jackson (MS) High School class of 2019 shooting guard Brandon Weatherspoon is the last of the three Weatherspoon brothers. He talks about how playing with his two older brothers has helped his overall game.

  • Name: Brandon Weatherspoon
  • Classification: 2019
  • High School: Velma Jackson High School
  • Position: Shooting Guard
  • HT-WT: 6-foot-4, 162
  • Ranking:
  • Colleges of Interest:

With older brothers Quinndary Weatherspoon currently playing at Mississippi State and Nik Weatherspoon committed there, Brandon has had a lot of practice playing against two of the best players in the nation.

"Practicing against them makes you try to play on the level where you are competing to play better than them," said Brandon. "And I'm trying hard to play at the level Nik and Q are on."

Although his recruiting is still in the early stages, his two older brothers have given him advice on how to handle it when it does start.

"They have told me to keep my head on straight, don't get a big head about recruiting," said Brandon, who has been invited to a couple of college camps by Wichita State and Louisiana Tech. "And they told me to just play ball."

His recruitment is likely to pick up this coming season thanks to his 5-star brother Nik.

"With Nik playing at a top level right now, that helps bring a lot of attention to me, too," said Brandon. "I know I have to play at a certain level, too."

His strength on the court right now is his shooting ability.

"The best part of my game right now is my shooting from the perimeter," said Brandon. "I am working on my ball-handling and coming off screens."

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