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Mississippi State redshirt tight end Farrod Green discusses his game against UMASS and more.

Mississippi State redshirt freshman Farrod Green had a bit of a coming out party this past weekend on the road at UMASS. The Wesson, Mississippi product recorded the first three catches of his college career including his first touchdown. The personable Green even managed to get his hands on a kickoff for a modest return. For a rising youngster, it was the best of Bulldog days.

Mississippi State tight ends coach Scott Sallach shared earlier this week that he saw that Farrod Green had a little more pep in his practice step in the days leading up to the Bulldogs game at Gillette Stadium. The solid week of preparation carried over to game day.

"He had an unbelievable week of practice," Sallach said. "He was walking like he was 6-7 Friday night, because he knew it. He knew that there was nothing UMASS was going to do that he wasn't ready for and it showed when the ball was snapped."

Once in the game, Green began to exert himself. On his first play for scrimmage, Green pancaked the man across from him. Later, Green secured three passes all for double digit gains including a touchdown pass that put the Bulldogs up three scores at the end of three quarters.

"I just did my best to wipe away the three previous games and focus on UMASS," Green shared. "Every week in the SEC, you learn more and more. I am just developing and trying to learn. It all comes from preparation. All of this confidence comes from going against the best guys, like Brandon Bryant everyday. That gets me ready for whatever on Saturdays."

While the touchdown grab set of a celebration of sorts that saw several Mississippi State players leave the Bulldog sideline including fellow frosh Leo Lewis, Green himself kept his emotions in check.

"I don't really care about scoring touchdowns or blocking for someone that scores touchdowns," Green said. "I just want to win, honestly. The people who run the ball have confidence in us. I just want to show them that I can do this.

"I am not the type to celebrate. I would rather see somebody else score. It was a great moment for me, but I am ready for the next one."

Earning the approval of his peers has been a big part of things for the talented tight end. While most of his teammates are just beginning to learn of his talents, good friend Lewis was among the first fans.

"That's my boy from way before this," Green said of Lewis. "I love seeing him make plays and he loves seeing me make plays. I meant a lot to me to look up and see that he was in the end zone even before anybody on offense. He was the first one down there."

Green grew up in a football family. As the son of Co-Lin coach, Calvin Green, Farrod comes by his love of the game honestly. While his father was unable to attend the game in Foxboro, the two connected shortly after the Bulldog victory was complete.

"I called him after the game. They stayed at home and watched it on TV," Green explained. "He was excited for me, but he was like keep working. There is a lot more ahead of me and to just stay humble. He is always preaching to me about staying humble. He tells me not to worry about other stuff and to control what I can control."

The family Green will be able to have a reunion of sorts this weekend as the Bulldogs enjoy an open date. Green reports that he will head home and enjoy seeing his old team in action as he enjoys being back around the people who supported him before he was catching college passes.

"I am going back home and going to watch my high school play," Green shared. "I like going home and being from a small town. They kind of treat me differently, but I don't really like that. I am the same Farrod from 7th grade and up. I want everybody to treat me the same. It's no big deal. It just takes hard work and that's what I tell them. Just don't look at all of this media stuff and just work hard."

Green and the rest of the Bulldogs return to action next weekend at home against Auburn. Mississippi State (2-2) will host the Tigers (2-2) at Davis Wade Stadium. Kickoff is scheduled for 11 AM. 

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