GPTV: Dominique Dillingham, Morgan William

GPTV: MSU women basketball players Dominique Dillingham and Morgan William talk this year's team and the upcoming season.

Dominique, do you mind talking about the feelings or emotions prior to last season compared to the same prior to this season?
"I think we are antsy to start practice tomorrow just to get started. I think we are hungrier than last year. Last year we got a taste of the Sweet 16. So we want to get farther this year."

Morgan, how do you feel after going through surgery? Do you feel like you are, as the coaches say, back to being the old Mo?
"Yeah, it is a long process, being hurt. I couldn't do things that I was used to doing. After having surgery and going through recovery, I had my ups and downs. I'm good now. It's exciting to be back."

Was it a relief to get it taken care of?
"Yeah, it was."

Dominique, what are the new girls going to bring to the team?
"Iggy (Jacaira Allen) is real athletic and has a lot of energy. She will bring a lot of energy to the court. Ameshya (Williams) is really, really, really athletic and long. I think our four players can really help her along the way. We seniors have to help incorporate them into the package and show them how things are to be done. But I think they will be fine."

Dominique, do you use the loss to Connecticut at the end of last season as motivation going into this season?
"It is definitely motivation because it did leave a sour taste in our mouths. But we don't want to dwelve on it. We definitely learned from it and don't want it to happen again. So, we just have to build on our past mistakes."

Morgan, while you were recovering from your surgery, Jazzmun Holmes played your role during the summer. How do you see that helping her going into this season?
"I was able to watch her and she did what I expected her to do. I practice with her every day so I know what she can do. She filled the role and did her job. I think it gave her a lot more confidence being out there by herself. She got a little tired but she got through it."

Morgan, do you feel like you are all the way back to where you were as a freshman?
"I feel like I am on my way back. But since my freshman year I have gained some muscle and put on some weight. I am better now than I was my freshman year."

Are you better with your shooting and all other aspects of your game?
"I have worked on my shot. I watched a few clips of myself. Other than that, I am in the gym with my teammates working out every day. I wasn't able to do that in the summer."

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