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Mississippi State freshman guard Tyson Carter is growing up fast

Mississippi State true freshman guard Tyson Carter has added weight and strength to his frame and has seen immediate results on the court.

The first thing that Carter worked on when he arrived on campus was adding more weight and strength to his slender frame.

"I was 149, 150 pounds when I came in and I'm 165 now," said Carter. "I want to add about five more pounds before the season starts. And I eventually want to get up to 190."

Since workouts started, he has seen immediate results from the added strength.

"I am playing lower now with my knees bent, both on offense and defense," said Carter. " When you are stronger you are able to play lower. My legs weren't that strong so I played straight up."

He has seen other benefits as well.

"I also think that I move better since I got stronger," said Carter. "And I can jump higher. I think I am more athletic, too. On the defensive end, I'm not getting overpowered as much. But I still have more work to do."

An outstanding outside shooter in high school, Mississippi State head coach Ben Howland hasn't changed his shot but has helped him in other ways on offense.

"Coach Howland has not tried to change my shot," said Carter. "He has helped me with my shot selection, teaching me what is a good shot. He has taught me about getting to spots so that I can make shots. When I don't have the ball, I work toward finding a nice soft spot on the defense so I can get open shots."

Howland has helped him add to his offensive arsenal.

"On offense I have gotten better at attacking the basket," said Carter. "And I have gotten better at playing in transition. Really, everything has gotten better on offense."

Despite the youth of this year's Mississippi State team, Carter expects big things from it.

"I am excited about the team," said Carter. "I feel like, if we can continue to get better, we will have a pretty good year."

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