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Gerri Green: MSU needs to get back to relentless effort

Mississippi State sophomore linebacker Gerri Green feels MSU needs to get back to what has made the program so successful during the previous six years of the Dan Mullen era.

Mississippi State has become accustomed to success on the football field. This season the success hasn't come like in years past. Sophomore linebacker Gerri Green believes for this team to get back to where it has been, it simply needs to get back to being what Mississippi State football is known for.

"Our program is built on hard work and relentless effort," said Green. "We have to get back to being that team, the team that gives relentless effort every snap. We have to come in and do our part everyday. Everybody has to come in and do their job and try to be a part of getting us back on track."

Part of the reason for their lack of success may be having to get used to a new defensive coordinator and new defensive scheme.

"It is just a growing period for us, the old and new guys, as we adjust to it," said Green. "But I feel like everybody has been open to the new defense. "

Like the team, Green also believes he can be a much better player than fans have seen on the field this season.

"I can get 100% better," said Green. "I don't think I have reached my potential at all. I am hard on myself because I feel like I can be so much better. I feel like I should defeat every block and make every tackle. It starts with the small things. Once I get the small things down then I can start making all the plays that I want to make."

He is playing a new position this season but he feels very comfortable playing it.

"I feel very comfortable in the WILL linebacker role," said Green. "I was the MIKE last year so it is not a big change for me."

Mississippi State's next opportunity to start turning their season around is this Friday night when they play at BYU. Green sees a similarity between his Bulldog team and BYU.

"They are a hard nose, hard working team like we are," said Green. "They are aggressive guys. They came to work to get the job done."

And coming to work to get the job done is something that Green hopes happens for the Bulldogs this Friday night.

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