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Long time Mississippi State verbal James Jackson still has some schools chasing his signing day signature.

Mississippi State hit Jackson County, Mississippi hard once cornerbacks' coach Terrell Buckley joined the Bulldog staff. The Pascagoula High School product landed a trio of prospects from the talent rich Gulf Coast region. Fellow PHS Panther James Jackson joined the fold, but it appears that the Bulldog still have some work to do to get Jackson's signature ten days from now.

"I had a really good time on my visit," James Jackson said. "We got there and got to meet everybody, got to see the campus and we got to eat good. We were able to see all of the facilities, the dorms and learn about the academic stuff.

"We got to see the team practice. It's a lot different than a high school practice. I am glad I got to see all of that, so I kind of know what to expect."

Jackson had the chance to get the inside scoop from one of the Bulldogs' young stars, Jeffrey Simmons. Jackson reports that Simmons explained to him that the price for paying time is high and that every snap is earned in sweat on the Bulldog practice field.

"I liked Jeff. He's a good guy," Jackson said. "He told me that you have to be ready to work and you have to know that nobody is going to give you anything. He said that the coaches work you hard and that they expect a lot from you. 

"They are talking about me playing nose guard and that's fine with me. I will play wherever. I just want to be able to help the team and get on the field."

Accompanying Jackson on the trip were his father and mother. The talented standout reports that his parents gave Mississippi State their full approval.

"My parents are going to support me no matter where I go and they have told me that it's going to be my decision," Jackson said. "They both saw a lot of things that they liked and they felt that it would be a good fit for me if I decide to go there."

Despite his long standing commitment to Mississippi State, Jackson has had to consider some recent overtures from other programs. With one more weekend before the mid-year signing period opening, the three star standout has invitations to take other official visits.

"I am not sure if I am going to visit anybody else, but Ole Miss has talked about me coming in and Louisville wants me to come and visit," Jackson said. "If I do decide to visit anywhere, it is going to have to be a quick visit. We have the All-Star game this weekend and then I am signing not long after that.

"Ole Miss has been recruiting me hard, but they haven't offered me. I really don't know why, but they have been talking about me taking a visit up there."

While other programs continue to chase Jackson, he reports that he feels solid in his commitment to the Bulldogs of Mississippi State.

"I might take a visit or I might not. I don't know," Jackson said. "I am good with Mississippi State though and that's what it looks like I am going to be. I was talking with Austin Williams about being roommates. 

"It was exciting to find out we could room together. It helps to have someone you know around. He's from where I am from and and we would always be there to push each other. It just helps having someone around to help out when you need something. When you need that push, it's good to have a friend with you."

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