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Dustin Skelton: A Star In The Making

When you see Mississippi State true freshman hitter Dustin Skelton at the plate you can see there are big things in his future.

Skelton used advice from his older brother on how to prepare for college baseball.

"My older brother plays at Louisiana Tech," said Skelton. "He has played there for three years. And I have been talking to him about what it takes to be good at the next level. And he said you have to work hard every single day, be hungry and ready to compete."

Skelton has a lot of natural ability hitting the ball but the Cannizaro approach to hitting of being aggressive at the plate when thrown a fastball fits his attitude to a tee.

"The biggest thing for me was wondering if I could hit at this level," said Skelton. "I came in thinking that if I wanted to be an elite hitter I had to jump on the fastball and not get behind in the count. When I am in the on deck circle I am thinking about hitting the fastball. By the time I get in the box if that first pitch is a fastball then I am killing it."

A doubles hitter now, Skelton expects to become more of a home run hitter in the future. And he is working hard in the weight room to build the necessary strength to become more of a power hitter.

"I have grown from 5-11 and 173 pounds in the summer to 6-foot and 199 pounds now," said Skelton. "I feel a lot stronger. Right now I am a doubles hitter because I like to keep the ball in the gaps, but in the future I can see some home runs."

Skelton remains humble about his God-given ability to hit the ball.

"I have been blessed with the ability to be able to do what I can do, and I can't thank God enough for giving me the ability to play this game at such a high level," said Skelton.

Skelton has proven in scrimmages the type hitter that he is. Defensively, there have been a lot of adjustments behind the plate, one in particular, catching 90+ mile per hour fastballs every day.

"My biggest adjustment has been reacting to the thrown pitches," said Skelton. " It has been challenging for me but everyday I come in and work hard. And with (senior catcher) Josh Lovelady being such a good mentor to me that has helped me be the best that I can be behind the plate."

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