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Final Four Pressure, Dogs Not Feeling It

DALLAS, TX - The Mississippi State women’s basketball team is appearing in the Final Four for the first time in school history. Some teams might be overwhelmed by that unique experience. But, based on what they are saying to the media, this group of players are enjoying the entire ride, off and on the court.

“Everything (at the Final Four) is on a bigger scale,” said senior Breanna Richardson, “It is a pretty cool experience. It is almost breath-taking (because) everything is catered to us.”

Senior Ketara Chapel explains how the MSU team is keeping the outside events off the court.

“It has been kind of hard to stay focused on the task at hand, but I think we have been focused,” said Chapel. “We just do what we have been doing all year, we stay focused and stay together and not try to do what we don’t do.”

Dominique Dillingham, one of the four seniors on the State team, agrees with Chapel about the importance of staying focused.

“It helps me understand that you need to focus when you get here because there are a lot of things going on,” said Dillingham. “You have to take everything day by day, event by event and enjoy every single thing.

“It is a different mindset. When you do the fun things they have planned for you, you want to enjoy them. But when you step on the practice floor, that is when it sets in that you are here to win. We have a different mindset. We need to work hard and focus on getting ready to play UConn.”

Dillingham and junior Roshunda Johnson sum up the feeling of the Bulldog players.

“It is exciting to be here but we aren’t satisfied until we win,” said Johnson. “It feels great knowing it is the first time in school history that it has been done. That is motivating us in believing that we can make it the whole way.”

According to Dillingham, “at the end of the day we came here with one goal in mind, to win a national championship.”

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