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Cohen talks about Vic Schaefer's contract talks and the search for a new head coach for men's golf

Mississippi State athletic director John Cohen is in the process of working on a new contract for head women's basketball coach Vic Schaefer and hiring a new head coach for men's golf.

Cohen feels like he is very close to upgrading Schaefer's contract.

"We have been working with Vic Schaefer on his contract and we feel like we are very close to having it worked out," said Cohen. "We want to reward him for his efforts. That is kind of the theme of Mississippi State, to reward those who have excelled. And there is no question that Vic Schaefer has excelled. His team has excelled in the classroom, on the court and in our community."

The last two seasons, Schaefer's team are a combined 62-13, 24-8 in the SEC. His 2016 team made it to the Sweet 16 while his 2017 squad played South Carolina in the national championship game. In the classroom, his 2017 squad placed all 11 eligible players on the SEC Winter Honor Roll list.

When asked about the terms of the new contract, Cohen preferred not to discuss that until the contract has been finalized. But Cohen is optimistic that the new contract will keep Schaefer in Starkville for many more years.

"I can't speak for him but I have heard Vic say many times how much he enjoys Mississippi State University and the Starkville community," said Cohen. "He is part of our Bulldog family. And we want to do everything that we can to make sure he continues to be part of our Bulldog family."

Cohen is also close to adding a new coach to what he described as "a great group of coaches at Mississippi State" with the soon to be hiring of the new head coach for men's golf, a position that came open with the recent retirement of Clay Homan.

"We are very close to making an announcement on that," said Cohen. "We are really pleased with the search itself because the interest we had in this position nationally was outstanding.

"We had a great process and attracted some of the best golfing minds in the country and we are going to end up with the right person to lead our program. With the facilities that we have and the support mechanism that we have in place, I feel like we can have a very, very good men's golf program."

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