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Mississippi State baseball stadium: Left Field Lofts

This article is the second of a seven-part series of articles about the new Mississippi State baseball stadium (Polk-DeMent Stadium/Dudy Noble Field) that is being built over a two-year period, 2018-2019. This is an article about the Left Field Lofts, which will be located in left field behind the Left Field Lounge area. The remaining articles will be about the Backstop, the Omaha Club/Loge, the Diamond Suites, the Grandstand Chairback Seats and the Left Field Lounge.

The Left Field Lofts, according to Mississippi State, "are revolutionary and are the ultimate way to experience a Mississippi State Baseball game. Each Left Field Loft TM includes approximately 1,000 square feet of living space that includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, common area and a porch that overlooks the 'Carnegie Hall of College Baseball'.

Because of the cost to build the Lofts, they have been removed from the current stadium, project and are now a separate project that will be financed by the Bulldog Club.

According to Senior Associate Athletic Director of Development Bo Hemphill, "the goal is to build the Lofts as a Bulldog Club project, separately from the overall stadium project. We are working with the architects to have that completed by the opening of the stadium in 2019.

"We are working right now to value the project but it could be a 4 to 6 million dollar project."

The additional costs of the Lofts would bring the overall value of the stadium to between 59 million and 61 million dollars.

The initial cost to anyone who purchased one was going to be a $50,000 annual Bulldog Club obligation per Loft and a monthly maintenance/utility fee estimated at $1,200 per month, which would be subject to change. A new price, or staying at the current price per year, will be determined later once a complete evaluation is determined.

There are several Lofts options that are being looked at by MSU.

"We know it will be a multi-level building, but do we build a 12 unit building or double that to 24," said Hemphill. "We could build one building with 12 units now and build another building later on with an additional 12 units. All of that will be determine by the costs and the interest level in buying them. We are still looking at a lot of options."

Mississippi State athletic director John Cohen feels the Lofts are an important part of the new stadium.

"It is important to this facility and it is something that we would like to have ready for the 2019 season," he said.

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