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Mississippi State Baseball Stadium: The Backstop

This article is the third of a seven-part series of articles about the new Mississippi State baseball stadium (Polk-DeMent Stadium/Dudy Noble Field) that is being built over a two-year period, 2018-2019. This is an article about The Backstop, which will be located field level behind home plate. The remaining articles will be about the Omaha Club/Loge, the Diamond Suites, the Grandstand Chairback Seats and the Left Field Lounge.

What is The Backstop?

"The best way to describe The Backstop is that it is like The Gridiron at the football stadium," said Bo Hemphill, Senior Associate Athletic Director of Development for Mississippi State athletics. "The Backstop is underneath the stadium. It will be an area that is climate controlled, has tvs, and has a small walkway that leads to a standing rail behind home plate that allows you to watch the game behind home plate.

"The goal of The Backstop club is to give everybody in the stadium the opportunity to have a premium experience. A pass to it will allow you to be able to go into a climate controlled area where you can get out of the sun and also have locker service."

The Backstop is really two parts, according to Hemphill.

"You can't view the field from The Backstop club," he said. "There is access to a standing rail area, just like The Gridiron in football. There are no seats when you go out to the standing rail area. There will be seats near there but those seats will be directly behind the standing rail and will require a separate ticket."

Hemphill emphasized that The Backstop is completely different than all of the other premium areas.

"It has nothing to do with any of the other premium areas," he said. "You can't just have a Backstop pass. You still have to have a ticket to the game. It is a separate club that you have to have a pass, outside of your ticket, that you use to get into it. You may have a chairback seat and season ticket but you would still have to buy an additional pass to get into The Backstop club."

The cost of that Backstop pass is an annual gift to the Bulldog Club of $600. Amenities will include snacks, soft drinks and water, locker service and access to concessions.

There are approximately 500 backstop passes. But only a limited number are still available due to the high demand for them.

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