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Mississippi State Baseball Stadium: Grandstand Chairback Seats

This article is the sixth of a seven-part series of articles about the new Mississippi State baseball stadium (Polk-DeMent Stadium/Dudy Noble Field) that is being built over a two-year period, 2018-2019. This is an article about the Grandstand Chairback Seats. The final article will be about the Left Field Lounge.

The Grandstand Chairback Seats!

According to the Mississippi State Athletic Department website: "A fan favorite at Dudy Noble Field, chairback seating provides the traditional opportunity for Bulldog Fans to enjoy the action of a home baseball contest. From the crack of the bat to the sweet aroma of ballpark food, this classic seat immerses you in the sights and sounds of gameday. Gift premiums (to the Bulldog Club) will allow buyers to purchase chairback season tickets for a period of ten years."

Also according to the Mississippi State website, "All existing chairback season ticket holders will have the opportunity to secure chairback seats in the new facility."

There is a three-tier gift level paid to the Bulldog Club for purchasing the chairback seats.

Mississippi State fans who purchased a one-time seat gift when the stadium was previously renovated were allowed to purchase a seat for $900 for the ten-year period up to the same number of seats that they purchased previously. The second amount is $1,500. Fans paid it if they are a current or a new chairback seat holder and didn't pay the one-time seat gift and they purchased the seats prior to the deadline. Anybody who purchases seats after the deadline pay a $1,800 Bulldog Club gift premium per seat for the ten-year period.

The current stadium has approximately 3,700 chairback seats. There will be several hundred more in the new stadium.

"There will be roughly 3,250 chairbacks in the lower bowl and 1,300 upper bowl chairbacks," said Bo Hemphill, the Senior Associate Athletic Director of Development for Mississippi State athletics. Combined, that is over 4,500 chairback seats.

Mississippi State Athletic Director John Cohen expects Mississippi State to reuse some of the current seats.

"There will be some reusage of some parts of our facilities (and) we will use some of the current seating," said Cohen.

Only about 200 chairback seats are still available and that number changes almost daily as more people purchase seats.

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