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Mississippi State Baseball Stadium: Odds and Ends

Since I have done my seven-part series of articles about the new Mississippi State baseball stadium (Polk-DeMent Stadium/Dudy Noble Field) that is being built over a two-year period, 2018-2019, there have been several questions asked about the Lofts, general admission seating and the Left Field Lounge. This article will answer most of those questions.

There have been a lot of questions since I have posted the articles. Since the articles, I have talked to two of the Mississippi State athletic department administrators who have worked very closely on this project, Senior Associate Athletic Directors Mike Richey and Bo Hemphill, to find out the answers to these questions. Included in this article are answers to some of those questions.

The Left Field Lofts

As stated in my article about the Lofts, they are going to be approximately 1,000 square feet of living space that includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, common area and a porch that overlooks Dudy Noble Field. The initial cost to anyone who purchased one was going to be a $50,000 annual Bulldog Club obligation per Loft and a monthly maintenance/utility fee estimated at $1,200 per month, which would be subject to change.

Because of the cost to build the Lofts, they have been removed from the current stadium project and are now a separate project that will be financed by the Bulldog Club.

There are several Lofts options that is being looked at by MSU.

"We know it will be a multi-level building, but do we build a 12 unit building or double that to 24," said Hemphill. "We could build one building with 12 units now and build another building later on with an additional 12 units. All of that will be determine by the costs and the interest level in buying them. We are still looking at a lot of options."

Here are several things that I learned about the Lofts.

They won't be a primary residence. You aren't leasing them as your residence or even as a dorm for your son and daughter to stay in while they are going to MSU. You are leasing them for MSU related events, primarily sporting events or seasons.

The key question is how much and how often can you use them? Gene's Page subscriber dustydawson asked, "Gene, not that I'm able to purchase a loft, but can those who purchases these lofts use them year round? Price seems more reasonable if you can use it anytime you are in Stark Vegas."

I went to Hemphill and Richey and was told that several options to lease the Lofts are being considered. And they explained how much and how often the Lofts can be used during each option.

The options being considered are a year-round option, a baseball season option, a football season option and maybe even a basketball season option. And there could be even more options. At this point in time, they are looking at numerous options.

As for what the options would allow, each would allow a person to stay in the Loft that he leases anytime during that option period. In other words, if a person purchases the baseball season option, he could stay in the Loft anytime and as long as he wants to during the baseball season in the spring. If he wanted to stay for a three-game weekend he could do that. If he wanted to stay in the Loft the entire baseball season, day and night, he could do that also. In other words, he could stay from the first game of the season to the last game of the season, every day and every night.

General Admission Tickets

HattiesburgDog asked this specific question about general admission tickets - "In the current stadium, if you show up on game day to purchase ticket, you are sold a GA seat good for bleachers, SRO, or left field lounge. In the new stadium, what does a non-season ticket (day of game ticket) get you - a seat on a grassy hill, an unsold chair back, a GA seating area? I can't figure out where the non-season ticket holders will be sitting."

This is what it will get you - you can sit in the Left Field Lounge with your buddies, you can sit in either of the grassy berms which are going to be located on the right and left field side of the stadium, you can stand in designated locations along the standing rail of the stadium concourse area that will go completely around the stadium, you can stand along the standing rail at the right field entranceway. And there will likely be a few more smaller locations but those will be the main ones.

And I would assume that MSU will continue the policy of allowing non-chairback seat owners to sit in the chairback seats after a specific inning, depending on whether it is a non-conference or SEC game.

The Left Field Lounge

There have been numerous questions about the lounge, mostly about electricity and storage.

Gene's Page subscriber dmac brought up this question about that. "What I am hearing so far is no water, no electricity, no storage and we have a floor plan but no seats of any kind. The only thing that remains the same is the $2,000 a year. If this is not correct please let me know?"

According to both Hemphill and Richey, there will be electricity at each lounge spot. There was never an option of water at each spot. There will be storage in the Left Field Lounge. Initially, there was to be storage at each lounge spot but the Fire Marshal told MSU that there would have to be a sprinkler system installed if that was the case. Since a sprinkler system wouldn't be installed, MSU had to go back to the drawing board for other storage options. As of now, they are looking at several storage options, including one that is as close to the original option plan as possible. If that falls through, then they will have to use another option that allows the storage as close to the lounge spots as possible. Even in that case, the storage will be located somewhere in the Left Field Lounge.

As for seats on the lounge spots, that was not an option either. The reason being is the Left Field Lounge folks didn't want them. They told the MSU officials and the architects that they want to customize their own individual spot themselves. That customization will include the type seating of their choice which could include lawn chairs, a picnic table or tables or some other type seating arrangement.

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