Kwatrivous Johnson (Gene Swindoll, Gene's Page)

Longtime Mississippi State commitment Kwatrivous Johnson was among the top players at the Bulldogs' OL/DL camp.

Mississippi State verbal commitment Kwatrivous Johnson spent last Friday in Starkville working under the direction of the Bulldog coaching staff. Johnson reports that the chance to sharpen the saw was a good experience and that despite some overtures from other programs that he remains True Maroon.

"I think it went real good. I went against some of the top players in Mississippi," Kwatrivous Johnson said. "It was hard work going against all of those guys. They gave me some good competition. I camped here last year, but we didn't do the one-on-ones. I enjoyed doing it this year."

Johnson believes that the Mississippi State coaching staff saw a more polished football player in this year's summer camp sessions. The 6-7, 345 pounder believes his hard work off of the field will reap some solid benefits on the field this coming fall.

"Coach (John) Hevesy taught me some good foot work drills that I can practice at home," Johnson said. "I am always looking for some new drills that I can work on. Coach Hevesy gave me some good ones that I can work on by myself and get better as a player. 

"I am working on everything, so that I can get better and faster. I am working on all of that and trying to get stronger before I get into college."

In addition to adding some tools to his own game, Johnson plans to take the lessons learned in Starkville back to Greenwood in hopes of helping the entire team improve. 

"I really like that mirroring drill that Coach Hevesy taught us," Johnson said. "You work with the medicine ball. You punch and then you go out and hit somebody else and punch again. He talked with us about handling things on the first level and then getting to the second level. I've always been taught that, but the drill helps."

Johnson reports that the experience in Starkville was everything he expected and a little more. With the annual Big Dawg camp coming up on the July calendar, Johnson is looking forward to more time with the Bulldog coaching staff and the chance to get to know some of his fellow Bulldog signing classmates.

"It was a lot of fun and I will do it all again if they let me," Johnson said. "I can't wait to do it again and just get to know everybody better.

"I know some of the players here like Marquiss Spencer and Jeffrey Simmons and I have been able to talk with Kylin Hill a couple of times. Now, I am wanting to talk to more people that are trying to get to Mississippi State."

Since making his commitment to Mississippi State, Johnson has added offers from Alabama, LSU and others. Despite those recent offers, the freshly minted scout four star tackle reports that his commitment to Dan Mullen's program remains firm.

"I am staying solid with my commitment," Johnson said emphatically. "I wanted to stay close to home and stand up for the state of Mississippi. I know that I can go to the NFL straight out of Mississippi State. I am staying where I'm at."

Johnson is known throughout his home town as "Dollar Bill" The nickname was given to him by his grandmother just moments after he was born.

"When I was born, my real name was Kwatrivous Johnson," Johnson said with a chuckle. "My great grandmother, Mary Bedell Spencer, just couldn't pronounce Kwatrvious. She never could say it. My other grandmother was in the other room watching the movie 'The Player's Club'. Bernie Mac was the star of the movie and they called him Dollar Bill in the movie.

"My grandmother said I looked like I was going to make money someday, so she started calling me Dollar Bill. I really like my nickname. Everybody knows me better by my nickname."

Johnson helped paved the way to an 8-4 season as a junior. The 2016 campaign ended with a second round loss to Pontotoc in the Mississippi 4A state playoffs. The GHS Bulldogs will look to build on those successes this year as a veteran team returns. 

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