Amory HS LHP/1B Mitch Moreland Interview

Mitch Moreland, a 6-2, 195-pound lefthanded pitcher/infielder from Amory High School in Amory, Mississippi, is being heavily recruited by several universities, including Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Southern Miss and Alabama. Gene's Page interviewed Mitch Tuesday night.

What schools are you officially visiting?
"I visited Alabama last weekend (September 12-14). I plan on visiting Southern Miss on Thursday the 25th (of September). I have one planned with (Mississippi) State that weekend, the 27th. I'll come in on Friday (the 26th). I've talked about one with the Ole Miss coaches for the 11th (of October). That's probably about it."

Obviously those schools called you. Do you remember all the schools that called once they could call you this summer?
"The first day, Georgia, (Mississippi) State, Alabama and Florida State called. The second day Ole Miss and Southern Miss called. I've also had some calls from a few smaller schools."

Have you received any official scholarship offers yet?
"I've got an official offer from Alabama but that's the only one so far."

Have you grown up a fan of any particular school?
"I can't say that I have. I like all the schools that I will visit. I have visited games for all of them. I have kind of switched over the years between Ole Miss and State. It's kind of that childhood thing you grow up with, but I can't say it is anything that is diehard. I just want to play ball."

Since you are not a diehard fan of any particular school and don't have your sights set on any certain school, what are you looking for in a college; academics, your baseball career, who they have coming back or coming in?
"I'm not real sure what I want to major in and it's not really the school, either. I have looked at the lefthanded pitchers at each school. That's what I ask the coaches when they call. I want to know who they have and who will be there when I get to school. There's a chance some of them might get drafted before I get there. I look at that."

So, you are really keying on your baseball career at the schools at the moment?
"Yes sir."

Are schools recruiting you primarily as a pitcher or a dual-position player?
"Ole Miss, (Mississippi) State and Southern (Miss) are recruiting me as a dual-position player and I think Alabama is recruiting me as a pitcher. But all of them have talked about both. They mention my hitting and they want to look at that during the fall (practices)."

What is your fastball's normal velocity?
"It depends on my day. Some days I come out throwing in the low 80's and some days I can throw in the high 80's. Usually I throw from the mid to high 80's. And I've touched 90."

I appreciate you talking to me, Mitch. Good luck with your recruitment.

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