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On Saturday's throughout the fall, Jack Cristil, the voice of the MSU Bulldogs, describes every play the Bulldogs make on the football field to thousands of fans on the radio. But two hours prior to each Bulldog football game, MSU Gameday, with it's in-depth coverage of MSU, entertains those fans and informs them of the need-to-knows before the game kicks off.

MSU Gameday is a pre-game show on the flagship station for MSU Sports, WFCA. The show airs each football Saturday two hours prior till kickoff. The show is hosted by third year co-host Jason Crowder and Jonathan Holmes.

"When we became the flagship station for the University, Aaron Sones (with Southern Sports Tonight/former co-host) and Steve Ellis approached us with the idea of the show," says Crowder. "Our intent was to try and keep up with the other schools around the league that have longer pre-game coverage."

Mississippi State and Ole Miss only provide one hour of pre-game coverage for football. A lot of other networks begin their pre-game coverage two to three hours prior to kickoff.

"A lot of that has to do with sales," Crowder said. "Some places can afford the extra air-time and others can't."

So, in the fall of 2000, Gameday hit the airwaves.

"We just wanted to help out the University and the fans by providing them with something to listen to while tailgating or driving in for the game," says Crowder.

The program takes an in-depth look at the offensive gameplan (with the offensive coordinator) and the defensive scheme (with the defensive coordinator). Also, Steve Ellis will take a look at the opponent on the "Today's Opponent" segment and he'll take a look at the Southeastern Conference game of the week. Plus, Jason Crowder will talk each week to a different MSU Football player, Jonathan and Jason will take a look around the SEC and they'll take a look at scores from other games around the nation. There is a new addition to the program that made it's debut last season, The Fellowship of Christian Athlete's Spotlight. The segment features a different MSU Football player or coach each week talking about their faith.

"We are a ministry here at WFCA and God has given us the opportunity, through MSU Sports, to reach those people that may not know him as their personal savior," says Crowder. "Our prayer is that through these Christian coaches and players at MSU, we can be a positive influence and show the positive side to college athletics."


WFCA would like to welcome WJDX AM 620 in Jackson to the MSU Gameday Family. For the 2003-04 MSU Sports year, WJDX will broadcast all MSU Gameday pre-game shows for Football and all post-game shows for the basketball and baseball season.

"This not only a great opportunity for us at WFCA, but it is also great for Mississippi State Athletics" says Jason Crowder, Sports Director at WFCA Radio. "MSU has a strong fan base in the Jackson area and I feel there has been a need to get a show like Gameday broadcasted in that area."

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