Vanderbilt Head Coach Bobby Johnson Quotes

Vanderbilt Head Coach Bobby Johnson talked about his team's 30-21 loss to Mississippi State Saturday afternoon in Starkville.

Opening Comments:

"We had a lot of missed opportunities. We dropped a bunch of passes. We had some good things, but just didn't complete them. I did not like the way we performed in the half. I thought that we played pretty good in the second half. Our guys thought they were in the game up until the last half. I was hoping that we could answer and play like that from the bell."


Did last week's game play into your team's performance this week?
"I don't think last week played a part in today's game. I thought that we would come out and win this one. I don't think our team was thinking about Georgia Tech."

What did you think about Mississippi State?
"They came out and spread the field. They line up in four wide receivers. If they can run the ball out of that, and they did, then that can make a big difference against your defense. You have to make adjustments. If you stay out there, you could bleed slowly with five or six in the box or you can stop the run and give up the pass plays."

Talk about Jay Cutler's play.
"He is a competitor. We could have helped him by catching four passes. I think he threw one bad ball, but he was trying to make something happen. He got pushed back in the pocket and made a bad throw. I don't think he really even saw that guy. He was trying to get us in the end zone."

Why did you go for it on fourth down?
"We went for it on fourth down because we thought that we stood a good chance by going for it on fourth and one. They are big, fast and strong and it makes it hard to make plays against them. If we could catch a pass now and then, it would help."

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