MSU starting kicker Brent Smith talked about Mississippi State's 30-21 win over Vanderbilt."> MSU starting kicker Brent Smith talked about Mississippi State's 30-21 win over Vanderbilt.">

Smith Talked About MSU's Win Over Vanderbilt

<img src="" align="left" width="126" height="160"> MSU starting kicker Brent Smith talked about Mississippi State's 30-21 win over Vanderbilt.

Kicker Brent Smith

Talk about getting your first win.
"To me, especially, it is big. That is my first SEC game that we won that I have been a part of since I have been here. So, that was a really big deal. For the team, time will tell, but I think it is limitless what that is going to mean to the team from here on out."

What was the mood of the team when you guys went up 14 points early in the game?
"We were feeling pretty good. It was exactly the opposite of what we had been feeling so far (this season). We weren't the ones that was going to have to respond. We had to keep playing but we weren't the ones that were on the verge of falling off."

What was the mood of the team on the sideline after you made the field goal to go up by 9 late in the fourth quarter?
"It changed it from being on edge to a little comfort level that we haven't had this year. We knew that they had to do what we had been trying to do. They had to score twice to beat us. Everybody got up and got behind the guys on the field. It as a big moment."

Talk about the kick itself.
"It didn't feel right mechanically, but a quick adjustment and I kind of line drived it and it happened to stay straight. I didn't see it go in because I was bent over, but I knew it went in when I heard the crowd cheering."

How much of a factor was the wind today?
"I couldn't figure it out. One time I tested it and it was blowing in my face. It was swirling more than anything."

How did it feel making all three field goals and your team winning by that same margin? "This feels incredible to win and it being an SEC game. I feel even better about the kickoffs. I think that is a big improvement, too."

Talk about the impact of the fans on the team today.
"The fans were incredible. Compared to even LSU, when there were a lot more people, it was unbelievable. They were cheering and they were behind us. They were loud at the right times. They were excited with us. They did exactly what you want your fans to do. It as awesome."

What did Coach Sherrill day to the team after the game.
"It wasn't a whole lot of words. It was a lot of smiles and pats on the back and laughing in the locker room. It was a big step and I think it can go a long way."

Talk about Joey Judge and Russell Cook, your holder and snapper.
"Those guys are great. Russell is right on everytime. When you don't even have to worry about if the ball is going to hit the joe, that is huge. Then Joe is right on his spot, he is down with his timing, then all I have to do it kick it. That makes my job so much easier. Those guys are doing a fantastic job."

Were you worried your back injury that reappeared in New Orleans was going to derail your season?
"I got frustrated with it, but the training staff and the doctors have been really, really good. We are doing some different stuff and I felt as strong as ever today. I felt really, really good, so that is encouraging."

Looking ahead to next week when you play Memphis, that must be a big game to you since you are from that area?
"Yeah, just like last year, I am excited about it. I have a lot of family that will be here watching it. I have a lot of friends that play on the other team that played at Northwest (Community College). My roommate, Bobby Robinson, is the backup quarterback on their team. It will be good to see all those people again."

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