MSU starting quarterback Kevin Fant talked about Mississippi State's 35-27 win over Memphis."> MSU starting quarterback Kevin Fant talked about Mississippi State's 35-27 win over Memphis.">

Kevin Fant Talked About MSU's Win Over Memphis

<img src="" align="left" width="120" height="164"> MSU starting quarterback Kevin Fant talked about Mississippi State's 35-27 win over Memphis.

Quarterback Kevin Fant

The first touchdown pass to Aaron Lumpkin, was that a check by you or was that the call?
"That was called. It was just a play where you go from the overloaded side. Aaron snuck out late and got open. He did a great job."

Was he your secondary receiver?
"Yeah, (fullback) Bryson (Davis) got in the flat and everybody floated toward him and Aaron stayed back."

Talk about the rhythm you got into in the first half.
"The offensive line came out firing. Our whole gameplan was to have a fast start. That was generated by them and you have to give all the respect to them."

You played well in the first half but sputtered throughout the second half. Was it something that their defense was doing?
"Coach Dunn is a great coach. Look at the Ole Miss game. He had a great second half against them. He goes in and he makes adjustments. Offensively, we didn't do as well as we wanted to, but the defense stepped up and played great and got the win for us."

Did you sense Coach Sherrill was frustrated with all the storylines about Joe Lee coming back?
"I can't speak for him on that, but there were a lot of (stories) by (the media). (The media) made that big. We don't think about it. While everything respects Coach Dunn, we played it like any other game."

The last offensive drive by you guys, you really seem to sputter and not really run much time off the clock.
"They played great defense the entire second half. Yeah, we have to play better but Memphis played hard."

Did you feel you got in for a touchdown the play before Turner scored the touchdown on fourth down?
"I'm not sure. I got down and got in there. I know I ended up in there at the end of the play, but that was the way (the officials) saw it and they are going to call the game the best they could."

Was it getting kind of frustrating because it seemed like there was penalty called on your guys play after play?
"It was a little frustrating. But Coach kept saying to look past that and play it one play at a time."

Are these two wins exactly what this team needed heading into the stretch run?
"Oh definitely. Just the way the offense came out, we haven't ever come out like that. That just builds confidence. You can see with the players that we have, as soon as we get our confidence going, we will get rolling."

Do you feel your line picked up most of the their blitzs?
"For most of the game, we did, but we had a little breakdown near the end of the game. But the way he brings people, I think that we picked them up pretty good. I will take blame on one of those hits because I misread that one."

How big was Fred Reid's kickoff touchdown?
"That was big. That was a huge momentum boost for all of us. That is the way to score points without having to waste any energy."

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