MSU starting fullback Darnell Jones talked about Mississippi State's 35-27 win over Memphis."> MSU starting fullback Darnell Jones talked about Mississippi State's 35-27 win over Memphis.">

Darnell Jones Talked About MSU's Win Over Memphis

<img src="" align="left" width="119" height="160"> MSU starting fullback Darnell Jones talked about Mississippi State's 35-27 win over Memphis.

Fullback Darnell Jones

Talk about your catch and run for 33 yards.
"I just thank all the players, guys like Jerious (Norwood) and Nick (Turner) in the backfield. When I get out it is all because of them because all the defensive players are trying to get to them. Luckily, I was wide open and Kevin (Fant) put the ball there and I ran with it."

Yourself and the tight ends, was it something you saw on film or remembered about Joe Lee Dunn's defense?
"We knew they never cover the fullback in Joe Lee's defense. We practiced all week on it and it just happened in the game it worked."

You actually caught three passes during the game.
"Yeah, a couple of screens and a fullback in the flat. I was just hoping they would pass it to me."

How difficult was it to block the blitzing they were sending?
"I think we did a good job picking it up in the first half. We kind of lost focus a little in the second half."

Did you sense that Coach Sherrill was frustrated that (the media) seemed to want to make this a Joe Lee Dunn return game?
"He told us before the game and all week that players win games, not coaches. We went out with the mindset that Joe Lee was here but now he is gone. We still respect the guy and we like him but he is now on the other side of the field and we had to go play against his players, not him."

Do you feel you guys just kind of survived the first half of the season by finishing it with a couple of wins?
"It is kind of a relief. After you have a slow start with some disappointing losses, you just want to get a win anyway you can and get some confidence going and get the team morale up."

Do you feel this team is finally coming together and becoming the team you expected it to be during the pre-season camp?
"We are beginning to grow. Everybody is getting along. It is a happy atmosphere, even at practice. After the first losses of the season, we knew we had it, we just had to get it together. Right now, you can see it starting to come together."

There were a lot of penalty flags thrown today on both sides.
"I don't know what to say about the refs. That is not my job to judge, but you saw for yourselves what happened today. We were lucky they didn't take it away from us, but we made enough plays so that they couldn't."

Talk about your role on Fred Reid's 100-yard kickoff return for a touchdown.
"Fred did a great job hitting the seams. The first couple of kickoff returns we said stay on your blocks. Coach Davis kind of got on our butts for not making the blocks the first time and we came up with the mindset that we were going to make it happen this time. He did a great job of hitting and me and Nick Turner double-teamed the guy and got him to the sideline and (Fred) did the rest."

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