MSU starting tight end Aaron Lumpkin talked about Mississippi State's 35-27 win over Memphis."> MSU starting tight end Aaron Lumpkin talked about Mississippi State's 35-27 win over Memphis.">

Aaron Lumpkin Talked About MSU's Win Over Memphis

<img src="" align="left" width="120" height="163"> MSU starting tight end Aaron Lumpkin talked about Mississippi State's 35-27 win over Memphis.

Tight end Aaron Lumpkin

You had two touchdown catches today. Talk about the first one.
"That is a play we work on whenever we have a goal line play. It is play-action and Kevin (Fant) found me in the back of the endzone. It was a painful touchdown because my arm was hurting. It was kind of hard to catch because I had to catch it with one arm." [Aaron hurt his arm earlier in the game.-Gene]

The touchdowns you scored during the game were the first of your MSU career. Talk about being in the endzone for the first time.
"It always feels good to score. It has been a long time since I scored a touchdown."

Was using the tight ends something you concentrated more on during practice this week?
"We knew we could get them on some misdirection plays. That call came at a perfect time. I ended up being wide open in the back of the endzone on the first one."

Were the passes to you and (fullback) Darnell (Jones) plays that were open due to the type defense (Memphis defensive coordinator) Joe Lee Dunn runs?
"Yeah, you have to take what the defense gives you. In the past, people have hurt us with that. Coach Dunn was here for a number of years and they hurt us with that in the past. A lot of mis-direction things such as passes to fullbacks and tight ends were wide open against us in the past, so we took a look at it and it worked for us in the game."

All week before the game a bunch of people said it was just another game, but it is unusual for a bunch of players from one team go over to talk to a coach from the other team. Was it really more than just a game for you guys?
"It is just another game until it was over, but we still had feelings for the guy because Coach Dunn helped bring us a lot of wins and had great defenses, so we had a mutual respect for him and he of us."

Is this team finally starting to play like you expected it would back in August?
"We still have a lot of things to work on, to improve on and we are going to concentrate on that this week. We have another tough game this week with Auburn (at Auburn)."

What areas of the game do you think this team needs to focus on to get ready for Auburn?
"We are going to have to run the football better. If we can do that, then I think we can stay in the game."

It looked like you played really well early on but then struggled in the second half. Were you guys getting tired in the third and fourth quarter?
"I don't think we were tired. Sometimes, when you run the same plays teams adjust and you have to go something different.

Talk about the freshman offensive lineman Donovan Davis. "Donovan Davis is doing a great job. Once he gets used to the game, he is going to get better and better every week. It doesn't matter who he plays. So watch out for him."

A lot of times you and the fullback had to block before you went out for a pass. You really didn't have much margin for error on those plays.
"We timed it all week. A couple of times we did it wrong and Coach Watts told us we had to do it like this. We finally got it down and it came through for us in the game."

What would you say to folks who question if this team is really improving since some people would say it's just Vanderbilt and Memphis?
"If you want to say it is just Vanderbilt and Memphis, Vanderbilt is a team that lost to Ole Miss by 3 and Memphis is a team that beat Ole Miss earlier in the season. Vanderbilt is a team that is in about every game they have played this season. It doesn't matter who you play on our schedule, the talent gap in college football is not that large at all."

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