Jackie Sherrill Post-game Press Conference

Mississippi State head football coach Jackie Sherrill talked about Auburn, the play of his team against Auburn and who played well.

Opening Comments:

"'Auburn is the best that we have seen on both sides of the line of scrimmage. They dominated us right off the bat on both sides. We didn't do a very good job of tackling. We went to an eight-man front against them."

Talk about their rushing game.
"It's the guys up front. They (block) the right people. It seemed like they accounted for everybody everytime. For every adjustments that we made, they made their own."

Talk about playing against Auburn's front seven on defense.
"It's tough. Auburn dominated Tennessee up front and they have dominated their people up front. If they had been playing this way the first two games, I don't think they would have lost a game. They have done what they needed to do to become a good football team and that is use their talent which is their offensive line and running backs."

Did your team come out flat today?
"No, we made some plays but we couldn't whip anybody up front. We just have to man-handle some guys up front early. (Justin Jenkins) played well. Kyle (York) came in and played very well at the end."

Do you think the things that have gone on the last couple of days (announcing his retirement effective at the end the season) had anything to do with their play?
"Absolutely not."

How is (starting center) Blake Jones?
"We'll know after a while, but he will probably have a hard time playing for a while."

Talk about Kevin Fant's play.
"Kevin got beat up. If Kyle had been in there earlier, he would have probably gotten beat up also."

How is Jerious Norwood?
"I think he is ok. He probably won't do anything until later in practice."

Talk about Nick Turner's play.
"On Nick's touchdown run, we didn't block very well, so that was probably Nick on his own. We tried to do some things with him in the kicking game."

Did you take any exception to them brining Carnell Williams back in so that he could score the sixth touchdown?
"That is Tommy (Tuberville's) decision. If he is trying to build his (player's) stats, that is ok. You just have to try and stop him. But if he had gotten hurt, he would have had to answer for it."

Did you see any progress in your team during the game today?
"No, we got dominated up front, but Auburn is going to dominate a lot of people up front."

Was it frustrating to have the illegal substitutions and too many people on the field penalties?
"That is a mistake of the player. When you call a play, the player knows to come out of them. Of the two huddle (penalties), one was a question mark."

Did you think about putting Aries Nelson in at quarterback?
"Yeah, we did, if we had had more time. But the way Kyle was throwing the ball..he was throwing it well."

Omarr Conner made a very good adjustment catching a pass, but he didn't have any more catches after that one. Was it due more to you wanting to go to Justin Jenkins late in the game or was it some other reason?
"It was just the reads and where they put you. Justin caught the ball well and ran the routes well."

It seemed that your team didn't tackle that well. What was the reason for that?
"The biggest reason was we had kids in the secondary who had to tackle big backs for the first time. Now, Darren (Williams) tackled well."

It appeared that both Darren (Williams) and Odell Bradley tackled well in the second half. Did they or the coaches make some adjustments that caused that?
"We changed our front in the second half. We played with three defensive backs in the first half and went back to playing with four in the second half."

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