LB T. J. Mawhinney Post-Game Interview

Linebacker T. J. Mawhinney talked about his team's loss to Auburn yesterday.

Talk about what they were doing early to hurt the MSU defense.
"It seemed like everything would clog up and (their running backs) would bounce outside and we didn't have containment there. That killed us early, then we started worrying about getting beat on the corners, so we stacked people on the corners, so that made us thin in the middle. We had some guys get out of their gaps. We really didn't make a lot of mistakes today. We just got beat physically. With good backs like they have and good offensive linemen, they are going to dominate you, which they did all day."

It seemed like MSU's defense tackled better in the second half. What is your reason for that?
"I think everybody kind of settled down. I think we were surprised at first. Their gameplan wasn't that tough (to figure out). They were just going to line it up and smash it in and they did. Like I said, they just beat us bad."

How do you get ready for the rest of the season>
"We have Kentucky next week and we know what they are going to do. They have good backs, a good quarterback, good offensive linemen and receivers."

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