Jackie Sherrill Teleconference

During his Monday morning press conference, Coach Sherrill talked about his team's play against Kentucky, the effort of his team this season, an injury update and an update on Deljuan Robinson.

Opening Comments:

Review of Kentucky game.
"The first half the kids did some good things and forced them out of some things that they had been doing. We didn't continue (that) and finish the game like we started.

"Some players played well. (Starting defensive lineman) Tommy Kelly probably played his best game. We also had some players who kept pushing through some stuff even though they were injured.

"We lost some very good players that are very doubtful that they could be back. Guys that are off the practice field today would be (starters) Justin Jenkins, Blake Jones, Aaron Lumpkin, Jerious Norwood, Will Rogers and (backup) Johnny Wadley. I think Johnny Wadley and Jerious will be back. I don't know when, but will be back. And Blake Jones should be back. The others are questionable. We know that (Quinton Culberson) is not going to be back."

His team's effort level this year.
"The effort level is good but for some reason or the other we are making too many mistakes. Just like in the second half on the punt (return for a touchdown), the first thing I thought was Jared didn't kick it out. When I went back and studied the film it was not necessarily Jared but our cover team. When you have a punter that has been kicking it out all game it sometimes conditions the cover team to not cover their lanes like they should. If we had covered our lanes it would have never happened."

His team's lack of success in the second half.
"Losing certain players hurt. The one that hurt us the most was tight end Aaron Lumpkin. The plays we were making with him in there we didn't make after he went down. That had an effect with the play-calling of the coaches and the confidence level of the quarterback."

Comments on his team's injuries occurring mostly in the first half of the game. "When we had so many guys go down so early in the game, that is how it happens sometimes."

Punter Jared Cook back spasm update.
"He won't practice today but should be fine."

An update on Justin Jenkins' injury.
"Justin will be back on the practice field this week and should be able to play. There was something on the (Kentucky) player's helmet that took a gash out of Jenkins arm and it took 16 stitches."

What percent healthy is Johnny Wadley?
"He is probably 75%."

Deljuan Robinson update. Deljuan lost his brother in a freak accident last week.
"He should be back today. He is doing fine. (His high school teammates) Johnny Wadley and Kevin (Dockery) had to make a very tough decision as to whether they should be with their teammates and playing or being at the funeral of one of their friends and teammates. As soon as they got back on Saturday, they went to Hernando Saturday night and Sunday. They went to Hernando during the week and spent some time with Deljuan and his family."

Practice schedule this week.
"We'll go Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The players wanted Friday and Saturday off to go home and watch some high school games and to go home and take a break."

His comments on the possibility that MSU might hire an African-American football coach as their next head coach.
"You are asking the wrong guy about that. You need to ask the people who are doing the hiring that question because that is a double edged question that no matter what I say wouldn't be the right answer. I'll be supportive of anybody they hire."

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