[Premium site article] Steve Robertson picks this week's winners and losers in the SEC. Steve is 26-4 on the season, so far.

The Robertson Report - The October 6, 2001 Edition
by Steve Robertson

SEC Game Predictions - Week 6

Well, folks things are a lot more comfortable on the Bulldog bandwagon! There is a lot more room for us to sit and cheer. 52-0? I don't think anybody thought it would be that bad. The Bulldogs have a losing record at 1-2 and it's not just that they've lost, but how they've lost. We looked helpless against Florida and that's certainly not the team that anyone expected this year. Things must get right and I mean quickly.

As bad as it all seems the Dogs are only one game worse than most expected them to be. 52-0 only counts as one loss even though it was the worst one in years. The game with Auburn this week is a must win if the Dogs have any hope of making a trip to the Georgia Dome. I see us putting things together from here on out. Man, I hope so, I'm tired of deleting Rebel fans e-mails. If the Dogs don't go to Atlanta with all the talent we have, in my mind this season will be viewed as a failure!

Florida looks better than most pro teams. I can't see anyone beating them in the regular season. Many point out the UT game will be big. I agree, a big disappointment. The Gators will trounce anyone in the SEC especially in the Swamp.

MSU is 5th in the SEC west. This week we pick off team #4 in LSU. We'll pull ahead of them and trail team #3 Ole Miss heading into next week. The hunt is long and the good part is we have played the toughest teams on our schedule. LSU and MSU were both favored to win the west and both will open conference play with two losses.

The Robertson report is 26-4 in picking winners in the SEC with MSU losing twice when I pick them and USC winning twice when I've picked them to lose. The other miss was the comeback that wasn't for the Rebs against Auburn.

Florida @ LSU

Well Tiger fans there is good news and bad news. The good news is you don't have to drive home from Gainesville after the cakewalk like we did. The bad news is the bake sale moved to Baton Rouge this week. If Florida has anything close to the production in the passing game they had last week, this one could be just as ugly. LSU made the score respectable in a game where they were physically dominated on both sides of the ball. UT only had one guy who could catch the ball and he set a school record. LSU's defense has been tender to the pass all year and this week won't be any different. I think LSU will give Florida a better game than MSU did, which is to say I think they'll score.

Florida 49 LSU 14

Ole Miss @ Arkansas State

Who isn't rooting for ASU? As bad as it would look for the conference I'd love to see Ole Miss lose this one. Who in the AD's office agreed to a home and home with Arkansas St.? This should help pad the stats of Manning and company, but they are no more prepared to play in the SEC than they were 4 weeks ago. This is not helping the team. This is strictly a confidence and stats game. Ole Miss should set some more records this week. Like most passes attempted for less then five yards or something like that.

Ole Miss 35 Arkansas St. 10

MSU @ Auburn

If we lose this one we are done. We won't go to a bowl game and may not have a winning season. The season is now. If our kids don't believe it we may already be in trouble. We have owned Auburn as of late and I'm sure they know that. The best news for us is that we may sneak up on them a little after last week's debacle. A friend of mind asked me a few days ago if they ever found the MSU football team? I said, "What do you mean?" He said, "They left Starkville last Thursday for a game in Florida and never showed up!" If we don't show up this week the season will be long. I know Auburn is hungry for a win against us, but they are getting us at a rough time. Our kids are pretty ticked off, so MSU will be physical early. If we can keep away from the stupid penalties we will take this one home. If we leave them in the game we are asking for trouble. Jason Campbell could give us problems early, but after a few shots he'll calm down. MSU will win, but it'll be a little shaky as our kids try to regain some confidence.

MSU 27 Auburn 23

Kentucky @ USC

USC may be the surprise of the year again. They proved they could outscore team's with the 1st win over Bama in the school's history. They came from behind after making several mistakes. It was a fun game to watch. I'm really beginning to think they have a real shot against UT.

UK continues to struggle and USC won't make many mistakes. UK has returned to it's P.M. Days. That's Pre-Mumme for those scoring at home. I don't care who the QB is, this ball-control crap is not working. Their defense is not protected by this because they can't pitch shutouts. The downward spiral continues this week.

USC 28 UK 14

Weber St. @ Arkansas

I hate to say I told you so, but I did. Cobbs is hurt again and Arkansas is clueless at QB. Their offense is horrible and they continue to put their defense in bad positions. If they had any type of offense they'd be a decent team. The good news is they have played the toughest stretch of their schedule. Welcome Weber St. This should be a confidence builder, but Talley, Holmes, and Cobbs are all banged up. I guess a red-shirt will be broken in a must win game against WSU. How bad is Arkansas? I guess we'll know for sure in a few weeks.

Arkansas 30 Weber St. 14

UTEP @ Alabama

Nothing cures a heartbreaking loss more than a home game against a weak non-conference team. UTEP had a decent team a year ago, but are rebuilding. The Bama offense looked impressive last week and Milons had the breakout game he needed. I thought Watts played with a lot of heart and made good reads most of the day. The coaching staff let that one get away and it will cost them dearly as the season progresses. Alabama is 2-1 in conference with the heart of the schedule coming up. Their stay atop the SEC West will be over soon, but with all the parity in the West who knows, anymore.

Alabama 35 UTEP 7


Georgia @ Tennessee

David Greene continues to impress and will challenge for press in the coming years. This kid makes the best play action fakes I have ever seen. He is very hard to watch because you never know where the ball is. He even got sacked on a handoff. The poor DE thought that he made a key play only to see the ball carrier 10 yards down the field. If you haven't seen Greene make a point to do so. This week may not be the week to do it though. UT looked tough after slapping LSU around last Saturday night. The LSU O-line looked like they were on roller skates most of the night. This type of pressure will cause problems for young Greene and his young offense. John Henderson is still having ankle problems and Will Overstreet has another major knee injury. Georgia could make a game of it, but they have to find some way to slow down the suddenly improving Vol passing game. Look for UT to take control late with Travis Stephens carrying the mail.

UT 31 UGA 21

This week is a do or die week for many teams including our beloved Bullpups. I'm serious when I say I haven't seen many teams play as flawless as Florida has against SEC competition. If they keep it up there is no one in the country that can play with them except maybe Miami. As weak as the Hurricanes schedule is we may get to see these two in the Rose Bowl. It would be another revenge game for Florida after last year's bad loss in the Sugar Bowl. Advantage Florida by far. Maybe going to Atlanta is not such a good idea after all........nah I'd rather go and lose then stay home. Besides #12 will be healthy then and he truly is the heart and soul of our team. Go Dogs we've got to have this one.

Until next week,

Steve Robertson

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