Mississippi State basketball players talked about their 107-92 victory over Sioux Falls of the CBA League.

Pictured: Winsome Frazier

"> Mississippi State basketball players talked about their 107-92 victory over Sioux Falls of the CBA League.

Pictured: Winsome Frazier


MSU Players Talk About Victory Over Sioux Falls

<img src="http://www.genespage.com./images/01players/basketball/winsomefrazier-mug.jpg" align="left" width="120" height="160"> Mississippi State basketball players talked about their 107-92 victory over Sioux Falls of the CBA League.<P> <h4 >Pictured: Winsome Frazier</h4>

WINSOME FRAZIER (21 pts, 7 rebs, 26 minutes)

Since you knew very little about this team, how were you going to play them?
"We had to play our game. We didn't know anything about them because we had no scouting report on them. We knew they had some good players and their guards were quick. We wanted to be the quicker ones, so we played our tempo, not theirs."

How do you feel the team is coming together now that you've played a couple of scrimmages and an exhibition game?
"We are coming together a little bit better now. You can see from tonight's game we still a lot of work."

After making 5 threes in the first half, you only took one shot in the second half.
"I just let the flow of the game come to me. I don't worry about the shots. I just help the team by playing with a little energy."

TIMMY BOWERS (25 pts, 7 rebs, 33 minutes)

With your knee banged up, was there talk about you not playing tonight?
"It was day to day. I just got the injury on Wednesday but I felt fine practicing Thursday and Friday. It swelled up a little bit on me last night, but I think that was mainly due to practicing on it for so long. But I felt line tonight."

Talk about the passing tonight.
"I think that is going to be part of our team. Guys out there aren't selfish. They aren't thinking about what I need to do but are thinking about what they need to do for the team."

Now that you have played another team, what do you know about your team that maybe you didn't know before?
"One thing we know is we are able to put up points. One of the things we need to work on is our defense. We gave up 41 points in the first half and 50-something in the second half. If we continue to work on our defense and push the the court, I think we will be fine."

Are you a little more excited about this team after playing so well against a team that had a couple of 1st round NBA players on it?
"Definitely, I am very excited knowing that we have a lot of (offensive) weapons on the team. Defensively, we need to get a lot better. Knowing that they are a professional team, they are going to hit some shots and make some plays, but we still should have had more stops than we did."

Do you feel this team coasted a little bit in the second half after you got such a huge first half lead?
"I think that was kind of the picture. In the second half, we came out kind of sluggish and turned it over the first play of the second half. You just can't have those lapses. You have to go out there and play hard all the time."

Next week you play a NBDL team with some players on it you know.
"They have some guys returning and guys that I have played with. (Derrick Zimmerman) is one of them. I'm looking forward to it. I know those guys will be ready to compete."

At least you know what Z can do.
"Definitely. Z and I have been playing together for three years since I have been here. I know all about his game and he knows all about my game. It is going to be a competitive match."

LAWRENCE ROBERTS (21 pts, 9 rebs, 26 minutes)

After seeing how the team played during this exhibition, what do you think you will be working on during practice this coming week?
"I'm pretty sure we are going to be working on defensive sets."

What were some positive and negative things you saw during this game?
"Being this was our first game against an opponent, I think we had a lot of positive things on the offensive end, but we had a lot of turnovers in the second half. We have to get better and concentrate throughout the entire game."

Knowing Sioux Falls had a couple of former NBA players on the team and you guys handled their team very easily, are you pretty excited about your team?
"In some ways. I know we have great potential and have some great guys on the team. The sky is the limit for us. Our worse enemy will be ourselves."

How do you think you did tonight?
"The first game you are just trying to get in the flow of the game. You aren't trying to do too much, just trying to get in the flow of the game."

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