MSU Baseball Commitment Jeff Flagg

Jeff Flagg, a 6-5, 235-pound, power-hitting outfielder from Bishop Kenny High School in Jacksonville, Florida, talked to Gene's Page recently about his commitment to Mississippi State.

You attended the Mississippi State camp this past summer. Was that the first Mississippi State camp you had ever attended?

How did Mississippi State first hear about you?
"A couple of the coaches here at Bishop Kenny are Mississippi State grads, Charlie Anderson and Bob West. I think Bob West was an assistant coach at Mississippi State. Coach Anderson told (MSU assistant) Coach (Tommy) Raffo about me last year. He sent me a questionnaire and I ended up going to their camp over the summer. And that is pretty much where they first saw me because I really didn't get to play that much last year. I only had 38 at-bats last year because I hurt my rotator cuff and was out for about two months."

What schools, other than Mississippi State, showed interest in you during the recruiting process?
"None, really. The coaching staff here at Bishop Kenny, basically, got my foot in the door."

When did you go on your official visit to Mississippi State?
"The visit was the October 4th weekend, the Vanderbilt football game weekend I believe. I enjoyed everything that I saw. I think it was about a week or two later when I committed to Coach Raffo over the phone."

Why did you decide to commit at that time?
"I just wanted to talk to my parents and think about all of my options. At first, when they first started talking to me, my dad, who is an LSU grad, was kind of iffy about State. After the visit and after talking to all the coaches, he was completely behind me. He loved it over there. But, ultimately, it was my decision."

Do you plan on signing during the early signing period?
"Yeah, I'm pretty excited about it. I can't wait."

What do you want to do your first year at State, play or redshirt?
"This year (of high school) will probably determine what I do."

From what I've heard and read about you, you have pretty good power. How many home runs did you hit in your 38 at-bats as a junior?
"I hit 3. I had 2 in the semi-finals of the regionals."

Have you always been a power-hitter?
"The people I tell this to don't usually believe it but when I was 13 or 14 years old and I was with my traveling team and not at Bishop Kenny yet, I was usually the leadoff hitter and bunted a lot. I really didn't have the power that I have now. When I got to Kenny, I grew a little bit."

A lot of kids go to baseball showcases during the summer to help get their names out among recruiting circles. Have you been to any?
"I've been to a couple of them. I went to one at Tallahassee Community College. But I like the college camps better because you get to work with the coaches. At the showcases, if you have a bad day, you have a red mark against your name."

What position do you normally play?
"I play the outfield, mostly the corner positions."

You mentioned earlier that you had a rotator cuff injury. How is your arm, now?
"My arm is fine."

Thanks for taking the time to talk with me, Jeff.

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