Mississippi State head coach Jackie Sherrill talks about his team's 31-0 loss to Ole Miss Thanksgiving night at Mississippi State."> Mississippi State head coach Jackie Sherrill talks about his team's 31-0 loss to Ole Miss Thanksgiving night at Mississippi State.">

Jackie Sherrill Talks About MSU's Loss to Ole Miss

<img src="http://www.genespage.com/images/coaches/football/jspressconf-baby.jpg" align="left" width="164" height="160"> Mississippi State head coach Jackie Sherrill talks about his team's 31-0 loss to Ole Miss Thanksgiving night at Mississippi State.

Opening Comments:

"First, I want to say thanks to the family and the Bulldog community for giving me an opportunity to be here for 13 years. Certainly, it was a very, very good ride I'm sorry we couldn't finish the last couple of years the way we should have. Again, I have no regrets. I just want to say to everybody thank you and to continue to support the team. These young kids will win a lot of games for you."


What were your emotions like during the game?
"They were up and down. I'll probably have a lot of feelings and emotions tomorrow and the next day."

Talk about losing this game, the last of your career.
"I still hurt for the players. This is not about coaches. This game is about players. I am really thankful for how hard the seniors played. We got down to three offensive linemen that weren't hurt. We just didn't have an opportunity to keep them well. Will Rogers, Johnny Wadley and Blake Jones were all banged up and hurt. You have to give those guys credit for continuing to play. If we had lost Blake tonight, we would have really been in trouble because Chris McNeil was not dressed out because he has Mono."

What do you think your legacy, your place in history is here?
"To a lot of people, it is a lot of things. It all depends on who you are."

What about specific to you?
"To me, we were able to do some things that no one else had done. We were able to get some things accomplished and move this program into the position it is. And also have an opportunity to move it (forward). Mississippi State people deserve to win, should win and can win."

Is there any one moment that sticks out more than all the moments?
"Probably the most important moment was when we beat Alabama because that was the benchmark. We were able to beat them three years in a row. That was big."

Talk about going for it on 4th and 1 at the 37 yard line.
"The players wanted to do it. And I usually gone on their decision. But we fumbled the snap."

You switched out quarterbacks, going with Kyle York, then came back with Kevin Fant. Was that because you wanted him to finish the last game of his career?
"No, I really wanted to give him a rest. We probably should have played York a little earlier. Kevin made some things happened but we didn't protect him at times."

Talk about the play of Ole Miss senior quarterback Eli Manning.
"There is no question that his brother has worked with him a lot. At this stage in his career, Eli is much further along than Peyton was. Right now, there is not a better quarterback in the country than Eli. The most impressive thing is how hard it was raining and he was still able to throw the ball."

Talk about the play of your offense.
"I thought we did some things early. Then, we missed some blocks. They were moving and slanting and we didn't do a very good job of picking up their movement. Kevin was trying to hold the ball while some people got open. Normally, you just go ahead and throw the ball."

Did the field conditions affect your team?
"No, it was the same on both sides."

What advice would you have to the next coach who comes in here?
"The guy who comes in here needs to have a feeling and an understanding of the Mississippi kids. Hopefully, that will happen."

Talk about the program you are turning over to the next head coach.
"They'll have a chance to put a lot of (wins) up. I am going to do whatever I can to help them in anyway they want me to."

What will you do tomorrow?
"Tomorrow is a normal day. I have to get up and do the television show. (His family mentioned to the media that Friday is his birthday.-Gene) Then I may go have a little something to eat.

"I appreciate all you guys patience. I will be very accessible to you. I will be more accessible to you than every before. Some of you guys might even show up in my book someday."

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