Mississippi State basketball players talked about their 92-69 victory over McNeese State."> Mississippi State basketball players talked about their 92-69 victory over McNeese State.">

MSU Players Talk About Victory Over McNeese State

<img src="http://www.genespage.com/images/01players/basketball/shanepower-mug.jpg" align="left" width="120" height="161"> Mississippi State basketball players talked about their 92-69 victory over McNeese State.

Pictured: Shane Power
SHANE POWER (8 pts, 8 rebs, 2 steals, 18 minutes)

What do you bring to the team?
"Bringing energy and hustle to the team is my role. Hopefully, I can get better in practice and on my own and get in the groove in the games."

You seem to be a clutch player. Were you that type player when you played at Iowa State?
"Yeah, that was my role at Iowa State, be one of the main scorers and the captain. That's not my role here right now, but I get to come in as a pinch-hitting role."

Have you always been so intense during the games?
"Growing up in the area of Indiana that I grew up in, you had to be that intense or you were going to get kicked off the floor. It is one of the toughest areas in the country. I think I got that intensity from playing street ball in Gary (Indiana). There is no other way I would want to play the game. This game is a great game and is the way it should be played."

You are from Indiana and really understood what a win over Western Kentucky on the road. Did you tell the guys after the game the importance of the win?
"I told the guys afterwards that we made history. I knew going in there the crowd was going to be crazy. Even with it being this early in the season, I thought that was a really special win for us."

How tough was it to come back tonight after playing that game?
"The toughest part was the whole team is kind of sick right now. This change in temperature has kind of gotten to us. Probably 7 of our guys are suffering from bad colds. That is probably the toughest thing right now."

You've got 7 guys sick and you play this well. How good can this team be?
"I don't think there is a ceiling for this team's potential. Great teams have focus in practice everyday. Having new guys and young kids, we have to make sure our focus gets better everyday. I think if we are focused in practice everyday, I don't think any goal is too high. However, I think if we are not focused, then we could come out like we did last year and lose the first three games in the SEC. The league is that good and our non-conference (schedule) is that tough, too."

Does the lack of depth on this team concern you?
"No, that's not a concern of mine because we are in pretty good shape this year, at least our starters are. I need to get in better shape. I also think that Dietric Slater is really close to being ready to play in the SEC. I think Piotr (Stelmach) is a little more in transition, but he has the makeup. But I look for Dietric to be that 8th guy. Tonight, he came out and held Garriet scoreless four or five minutes in a row. Hopefully, Piotr can continue improving and be that 9th guy."

How close is your knee to being completely healthy and how close are you to having your stamina back?
"Knee-wise, I would say I am about 85%. Condition-wise, I am probably about 75%."

What are State fans going to see when you are completely back?
"You will see a more explosive player, a player that is able to put up 15 points a night. Kind of what I did at Iowa State. You will be a better offensive player."

WINSOME FRAZIER (18 pts, 4 rebs, 5 steals, 25 minutes)

You seem to be fearless when it comes to shooting threes.
"No matter what, I'm going to come in knowing I'm going to shoot it. I know I had two bad games, but I had to put those games behind me."

When do you know you are hot, offensively?
"I know it when I put it up and make two or three in a row."

You have always been a guy who is in great condition. Is that a strength of yours?
"Yeah, they call me Speedy Gonzales because I only have one speed. That is how I have always played. I don't get tired. I know how to pace myself. I can run all day."

TIMMY BOWERS (17 pts, 6 rebs, 6 assists, 30 minutes)

Did it seem like you guys shocked McNeese State with the way you came out of the gate?
"Definitely, we kind of shocked them. We scored so many easy points early. We moved the ball. But the biggest thing was we defended and rebounder early. I think they got tired early on in the game and we were still going strong."

Do you feel the one problem on your team is lack of deep depth?
"Definitely, that is a concern for me. I've talked to Coach and the team about it. We have to get more guys that are able to come out and play, especially at the four and five positions. We are going to have to get guys like Piotr (Stelmach) and Lincoln (Smith) step up and give us minutes."

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