MSU Letter and Notice of Allegations

Mississippi State University received a letter and notice of allegations from the National Collegiate Athletics Association regarding the football program. The notice contains allegations of rules violations from 1998 to 2002. Mississippi State has been cooperating fully with the NCAA and has assisted in the investigation of these matters over the past two and a half years.

The allegations address improper offers and inducements to prospective student-athletes. There is no allegation of academic misconduct and no allegation of lack of institutional control or failure to monitor. At this time, these are only allegations. The NCAA interviews associated with the alleged violations produced conflicting information that the University must now examine.

Mississippi State's response to the notice is due to the NCAA on March 2, 2004, but the University may request more time if necessary.

Consistent with NCAA and Mississippi State policy, Mississippi State will not discuss the specifics of the investigation until the University's attorneys submit the response in March.

Copies of the NCAA document can be obtained by an accredited news outlet at the athletic media office.

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