Recruiting Article, December 9, 2003

A recruiting update on Lovejoy HS QB Kisan Flakes, South Panola HS FS/CB Mario Bobo and Wayne County HS RB Michael McLaughlin.

Lovejoy (GA) HS QB Kisan Flakes Update

Do you know much about Mississippi State's new head coach, Sylvester Croom?
"I don't know anything about him. I've seen things on tv on places like ESPN, but I haven't read much about him."

Has he called you on the phone?
"No, Coach Tompkins has relayed some things coming from the coach. Things like the type offense they are planning on running."

Will Coach Croom's coaching experience in the NFL factor into your decision?
"It's not a big importance to me but I guess it is good to know he has so much experience and knows what he is doing."

Do you know much about the type offense that MSU will be running, the west coast offense run by Green Bay?
"Not really. I just know that it is pass-oriented and a lot of cross patterns."

What schools are showing interest in you?
"NC State and Mississippi State. Recently, Illinois has been talking to me. Bowling Green is calling me. South Florida's coach is supposed to be coming to our school and talk to me and try to set up a (official) visit. Cincinnati is still recruiting me. West Virginia."

Do you have a top three or four schools that you are the most interested in?
"I don't have any top schools yet."

Which schools are recruiting you the hardest?
"Probably Mississippi State right now. But the way the coach from South Florida is talking, they are talking about me coming up there and playing as a freshman because they need a quarterback. Illinois is also recruiting me hard."

Have you started lining up your official visits?
"I just started lining them up on my calendar now. I sort of have an idea who I am going to visit. Really, I only have NC State and Mississippi State but there are a lot of schools that I am talking about visiting but I don't know the days yet. I am visiting Mississippi State the second week in January. And NC State Coach Mazzone came by. He said he is going to try to line me up either this Saturday or next Saturday."

South Panola HS FS/CB Mario Bobo (6-1, 170, 4.48)

Have you formed any kind of opinion of MSU's new head football coach, Coach Croom?
"I read some stuff on him. (MSU) called me today. (Coach John Blake) called me."

What position is MSU recruiting you for?

What position do you prefer playing?

What schools are calling you?
"Right now, it is Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Tennessee. Alabama is also looking at me."

Have any of the schools had in-home visits with you?
"Mississippi State said they are going to set up an in-home visit."

Have you set up any official visits?
"I am about to set up some with Ole Miss and Tennessee."

Have any of the schools offered scholarships?
"Tennessee and Ole Miss."

What schools are you most interested in?
"Tennessee, Bama and (Mississippi) State."

Who is your favorite pro player?
"My man, Fred Smoot."

Wayne County HS RB Michael McLaughlin

What schools are calling you? (Right when I asked Michael this question he received a beep which was the Nebraska coach calling him.-Gene)
"Nebraska and USM. I've spoken to a Mississippi State coach but they aren't calling me every week."

What schools have offered you a scholarship?
"I know USM has offered me and Nebraska has offered me. The coach at Mississippi State said they are very interested in me. I'm guessing they are going to offer but I'm not sure about that."

What schools are you most interested in?
"Tennessee, Nebraska, USM and Mississippi State."

Who are you going to officially visit?
"Nebraska on January 16th. I am going to take my visit to USM the first week (in January)."

Obviously, you know by now MSU has a new head coach. What do you know about him?
"I learned about him through my ex-girlfriend, who goes to Mississippi State. Then I saw it on tv and knew it was official. I know he was the Green Bay running back coach. I think he was the running back coach at the San Diego Chargers."

How much will it influence you knowing he was a running back coach in the NFL all those years?
"That sort of matters because he was a running back coach. There are some things that he can teach you."

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