The Mississippi State family is troubled because the football team, after much hype in the pre-season, is 1-4 instead of 4-1.

Finger-pointing and name-calling by folks hiding behind anonymous usernames is rampant on my message board. Monday morning quarterbacks have solutions galore.

Everywhere I go I hear the same thing: Gene, what is wrong with our football team? I have no real answer but know in my heart that we have in our MSU family a head football coach, Jackie Sherrill, and a veteran football staff that will find the answer or answers to this question.

With that said, I also know that we, as fans in the MSU family, will do the things that a good family does when a family member is deeply troubled and seemingly at a low point in his life:

  • We will welcome him with open arms and be there to support and comfort him as he works to correct his problems. That is what family members do.
  • We will not and should not openly criticize another family member. To be criticized by family when you are at your lowest hurts in the deepest regions of the heart and is difficult to forget or forgive.
  • We will remember the many good times that we have had with the troubled family member and know that those good times will return because we know we are a strong family and strong families will accept no less.

    I hope all of you MSU fans who are members of my pages take this to heart and support our players and coaches. They are as much a part of our MSU family as the oldest and most loyal MSU alumnus and need for us to be there for them.

    Gene Swindoll

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