MSU Commitment Roland Terry Update

Gene's Page caught up with MSU commitment Roland Terry (6-7, 255) and his dad, Pete Terry, last night. Roland had an in-home visit from new MSU OL coach J. B. Grimes this past Tuesday night. He and his dad talked about what Coach Grimes told them and also about their impressions of him.

[Pete Terry portion of the interview.]

When did Coach Grimes visit with you guys?
"Tuesday night. He got here around 6 o'clock. We talked a while and he ate dinner with us. We had a really good visit."

What were some of the things he talked about?
"He said he was very excited about coming to State. He said it wasn't a move he had to make but a move he made by choice. He said he felt like this was going to be a very exciting time for Mississippi State. And he said he thought it was a historical event. He has really good vibes about it and is really looking forward to working with Coach Croom. He said they were trying to put together a staff that would cooperate with each other and develop discipline. He also said they were looking for a good strength coach and had made some offers to a few people, although he wouldn't say who. They were waiting to hear back about that shortly and hope to announce it soon."

Has Coach Grimes seen Roland on tape? If so, what did he say about him?
"Yeah, he said he was extremely excited about Roland because he is very agile and has excellent technique, some of the best that he had ever seen. He said his technique was outstanding for this stage of his career. He said there is a lot there to work with and that he plans to put 30 or 40 more pounds on him, at least. He also said he would probably redshirt (Roland). He also said that he may try him at tight end because they were looking for a big, blocking tight end and he said Roland looked to have the ability to do that."

I hadn't thought about that? Is Roland excited about possibly playing tight end?
"Oh yeah, he would like to do that."

Did Coach Grimes say anything about Roland playing defensive end?
"Of course, he is the offensive line coach so he didn't talk a lot about defense. He really didn't talk about that."

Since he will be coaching your son on the next level, what is your personal opinion of Coach Grimes?
"He is a people-person. He is a really good guy. He seems to be very sincere and very focused. He said he was going to work the guys hard and that they may not like him some days. But he said he was going to look out for them like they were his own kids. He said his number one thing was academics and he is going to make sure they get that down. He said there are two different lives at school, one is academics and one is football. Football stresses the academic life somewhat, but he said he was going to work with all the young men very closely and be sure that they bring both along together."

Have you had a chance to talk with Coach Croom yet?
"No, Coach Grimes is all. And Rockey Felker. He came by last week."

[Roland Terry portion of the interview.]

What was your impression of MSU's new offensive line coach, J. B. Grimes?
"He is a real nice guy. I'm sure we will get along fine. He is a lot like (former MSU) Coach (Curley) Hallman in the way he acts."

Your dad mentioned something about you possibly playing tight end.
"He said they needed a big, blocking tight end, but I don't know how serious he was about that. It's a possibility that I wouldn't mind. My coach wanted me to go to a passing camp this year, but I was going to the beach so I didn't get to make that."

When is your official visit to MSU?
"I come up on January 9th and 10th."

I know you are committed to MSU, but are you still receiving recruiting calls from other colleges?
"Yeah, Oklahoma State and Southern (Miss) are calling me. Oklahoma State has requested film and might ask me to come for an official visit."

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