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Tight end Jeremy Jones, West Jefferson High School in Harvey, Louisiana, talked to Gene's Page about the teams he is most interested in and where Mississippi State fits in his recruitment.<P> Jeremy, who had never played football in high school up until this year, is a 6-5, 285-pound tight end with 4.8 speed in the forty. He should qualify, academically.

Jeremy Jones interview.

Isn't Mississippi State recruiting you?

Have you set up an official visit with them?
"Yeah, I'm coming up there Friday."

How long has Mississippi State been showing interest in you?
"I'm going to say since about December 9th."

How did they get involved with you?
"I guess it was at the school. I guess coaches talk about this or that player. They went to my school and they must have asked Coach Hank about a player and that is how everything got started.

"(MSU assistant coach) Amos Jones, he came to my house the same day he went to the school."

Do you know much about Mississippi State?
"No, that is why I am looking forward to Friday."

You mention Coach Jones earlier. What is your impression of him?
"Good. I like him. (laugh). I like him. He is cool. He is cool. And I don't like all of them."

What were some of the things you liked about him?
"I had just had my surgery when he got to the school. I had tore my ACL. He came to my school that Tuesday and our running backs coach brought him over here, Coach Ronnie Stephens. (Coach Jones) called on my phone and the message he left on my phone was, 'J-Rock', this is Coach Jones, man, open that door.' He was right outside my door."

Are you really a tight end at 6-5, 285? That's lineman size in most cases.
"Yeah (laugh)."

You must be the biggest tight end in the nation.

You are a big guy. Can you move well at that size?
"At 280, I ran a 4.8. If I can get down to 270, 260, I can be a 4.6 guy."

Not only could you be a tight end but you could also probably play defensive end. Have you ever played defensive end before?
"No, this is my first year to play football. I have been playing football for five months, man."

Why did you start playing football so late?
"I played basketball."

That explains the lateness of your recruitment by Mississippi State. When did schools start recruiting you?
"All the other schools have been with me except for Mississippi State. They used to come to my spring practice and see how I was practicing."

What schools are you going to visit, other than Mississippi State?
"Alabama, Auburn and LSU."

Which weekends are you visiting them?
"Next weekend I am going to Alabama. The weekend after that Auburn. And the weekend after that LSU."

Have you grown up a fan of any particular school, or are you open about your recruitment?
"I'm real open."

Do you know much about any of the schools recruiting you?
"I know more about the other schools than I do Mississippi State because they have been with me. But Coach Jones told me that I will know a lot when I get up there Friday. That's why I'm looking forward to being up there Friday."

Considering this is just your first year to play football, has all of this attention surprised you?
"Kind of, but Coach Hank has always told me the sky is the limit. You just take it and run with it."

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