Georgia head coach Dennis Felton talked about his team's 71-58 road loss to Mississippi State."> Georgia head coach Dennis Felton talked about his team's 71-58 road loss to Mississippi State.">

Dennis Felton talked about his team's road loss

<img src="" align="left"> Georgia head coach Dennis Felton talked about his team's 71-58 road loss to Mississippi State.

Opening Comments

About MSU.
"Mississippi State has a tremendous team, they really do. Obviously, playing at this level we have had a chance to play a lot of terrific teams already but Mississippi State is clearly the most talented team that we have played."

MSU's 19-0 run to start the game.
"I thought they came out of the locker room very, very focused with great aggressive and energy. I don't know if it was so much of a lack on our part as it was that they were really more aggressive. But I am proud of the way our players fought back and made it a basketball game."


Talk about your team's lack of offense today.
"We are always going to struggle offensively to some degree because we just don't have a lot of offensive players. 60 points is about the most we can consistently count on, so we have to be able to control the pace of the game, to try to not let games be high possession games. That is number one, but what happened today was they were very aggressive with their defense and we weren't strong enough with the ball early. We also missed some easy, very makeable shots early on. But that's is going to be a challenge for us sometimes, especially against a team that is so tall like Mississippi State. (Marcus) Campbell is huge, (Lawrence) Roberts is huge and explosive off the floor and can challenge shots."

MSU's Marcus Campbell started the first 13 games for them but was moved to the bench after that. Talk about how he did against you guys coming off the bench.
"(Branden) Vincent might be the more skilled player, the more polished player, but against a little team like us, Campbell just towers over us. He might be more effective against a team like us over other teams just because he has such a huge size advantage."

Why do you think Mississippi State is only ranked 19th?
"Mostly because people didn't have high expectations for State before the season started. When you go into a season without those expectations, people who are doing the voting are just more reluctant to push you up the rankings. I think that is the biggest reason. It wasn't until very, very late that Lawrence Roberts would be at Mississippi State. It's another sign of how useless pre-season predictions are, because nobody can tell what a team will be like."

Where would you vote Mississippi State in the poll?
"Without putting a lot of thought into it - like I don't even know who is in the top 10 right now - I would certainly, certainly think they are a top 10 team."

How would you compare MSU to the team you just played, Alabama?
"They have more explosiveness than Alabama as a team. And they are bigger in size."

Do you think Lawrence Roberts is a legit candidate for player of the year honors in the SEC?
"Oh, without a doubt, without a doubt. He is having a monster year. He is very good. I don't know if anybody has found a way to slow him down for an entire game."

What did your team do in the first half to slow him down?
"The big reason was the fouls. He got the two fouls and only played 8 minutes. That was obviously good for us. Coming back from that 19-point deficit would have been a whole lot more difficult if he were in the game."

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