Mississippi State head coach Rick Stansbury talked about his team's 71-58 win over the Georgia Bulldogs. MSU is now 16-1 overall and 5-1 in SEC play."> Mississippi State head coach Rick Stansbury talked about his team's 71-58 win over the Georgia Bulldogs. MSU is now 16-1 overall and 5-1 in SEC play.">

Rick Stansbury talks about his team's win

<img src="http://www.genespage.com/images/coaches/basketball/stansbury-action.jpg" align="left" width="120" height="161"> Mississippi State head coach Rick Stansbury talked about his team's 71-58 win over the Georgia Bulldogs. MSU is now 16-1 overall and 5-1 in SEC play.

Opening Comments

"I'm pleased to get the (win) because we were playing a very good Georgia basketball team. I was a little concerned coming back after getting a couple of emotional wins on the road. But the way we started the game showed how we were prepared. I really thought after the 19-0 lead we kind of lost our concentration and lost our focus a little bit. And I really don't think we ever fully gained it back. We were having to play without Lawrence (Roberts) a lot in the first half. Considering everything, it was a great team victory."


Talk about your team's play during that 19-0 run.
"We had it all working. We were about as good as you could be offensively and defensively. We were precise, we were executing, whether it was man or zone we were just precise on everything."

What was your reaction when Georgia started coming back on your team.
"This team has a lot of offensive spurt about it. I don't panic when a team is coming back on us. I don't panic because I know what our team is capable of doing offensively in a few trips. We have a very explosive offense."

Talk about Branden Vincent's game today.
"Like always, he is going to do those little things. He got 10 rebounds. He did a great job defensively. He catches and passes that basketball."

Talk about having such a large number of assists.
"We had 23 assists today. 23 assists in an SEC game is a lot of assists."

Talk about why you changed your starting lineup.
"I knew we needed a little bit of a change before I made the change. We were getting off some bad starts. I knew what the reason was, but it's hard to change when you are 13-0. We took some positive things from the Kentucky. That gave us an opportunity to make the change. That change probably enabled us to go to Baton Rouge and Gainesville and get victories. There is on question that Shane Power in our lineup has made us a lot better. Every part of it, offensively and defensively."

Talk about what Marcus Campbell gives you coming off the bench.
"He is more productive. I have to have him be more productive. Guys off the bench have to be productive when they are playing. The more productive you are, the more minutes you get. I don't decide how many minutes you get, he makes the decision how many minutes he will play."

How has Marcus handled moving from a starter to coming off the bench?
"He has been very good about it. I thought his play was good today. I thought his effort was good. We all get frustrated sometimes when he gets right around that hole and all he has to do is tear the rim down, but he is working hard and has made progress. 13 minutes today with 12 points and 8 rebounds, that is very positive productivity off the bench."

Does Marcus see that he can help the team just as much off the bench as he could as a starter?
"It is very difficult for anybody who has been starting to go to the bench. But you have to make a player understand why he is going. It's not because of him but because of the team. It wasn't because of his playing but because of our team makeup when he starts the game. I wanted him to see the positives things about it. I wanted him to understand that coming off the bench he is fresh and the guy out there has been out there 5 or 6 minutes; he is a little bit fatigued now, so the energy level and quickness level is neutralized a little bit."

Do people have a tendency to expect miracles from guys who are 7-foot tall?
"No question. When you are 7-foot tall, people believe a lot of people think the game should be easy for you, but really it is more difficult for you because you are not as quick and mobile as those 6-8 guys."

Talk about Timmy Bowers play today.
"I wore him out today. He really got tired in the second half. Late in the game he turned it over some. We were all tired late in the second half."

Because of how well Shane Power handles pressure, have you thought about using him at the point?
"No, I haven't. I like our ability to push the ball up the court. Shane's not able to push the ball up as quick as Timmy (Bowers) and Gary (Ervin). I want Timmy and Gary to push that ball and search that post and get those guys a chance to shoot. Shane will give you a stable guy to bring it up, but we want to push it up on offense."

How much of a difference did Roberts made in rebounding and defense in the second half?
"It was very obvious. They had 9 offensive rebounds in the first half and 4 in the second half, and two of those came in the last two minutes. They scored 4 of those 9 times. They had 8 field goals at halftime and 4 of those were putbacks. He was a huge difference for us."

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