Adam Carlson update

Adam Carlson, a 6-foot-4, 180-pound kicker/punter from Gulfport (MS) HS, talked to Gene's Page about his January 23rd official visit and commitment to Mississippi State.

Adam Carlson Profile:

  • High School: Gulfport (MS) HS
  • Position: K/P
  • Height: 6-foot-4
  • Weight: 180
  • MSU Player Host: Jared Cook
  • Visits: MSU
  • Offers: MSU

    Did you commit to Mississippi State while on your visit?
    "Yes. I committed (Sunday)."

    Talk about your Mississippi State visit this weekend.
    "It went excellent. It was a lot of fun and really exciting. It was very informative."

    Did you know much about Mississippi State prior to your visit?
    "Not really. I knew about the new coach and a little bit about the school."

    Had you visited State in the past?
    "I went to a football game this past year and during the summer I have been to their baseball camps."

    So, you are a baseball player as well. Are you going to try and play both sports or stick to one sport?
    "I think I am just going to do one."

    Did MSU talk to you about both sports or just football?
    "I just talked about football."

    What did MSU's coaches say they liked about you? Are they looking at you as a punter and kicker?
    "I don't really think they are decided. Coach (Amos) Jones said he likes the kickers he has coming in to do everything. He said he liked my size, my height. He wants to get away from the shorter kickers because he likes the leverage of taller kickers. I have been playing soccer my whole life and I think he liked that. He came down to a (soccer) game two weeks ago to see my competitiveness and see if I was the stereotype kicker that doesn't want to get dirty or if I was one that wants to play. I think he liked that, too."

    What did you think of Coach Jones?
    "He is a great guy."

    Did you know much about him prior to meeting him or did you learn about him after he first met him?
    "I went on their site after meeting him and looked up where he has been and what he has done. He has coached some great kickers, the Groza Award kickers. He told me about that."

    What did you think about MSU's head coach, Coach Croom?
    "Oh, he is a great guy and really down to earth. He is a man who keeps his word. He is an all-around great guy."

    What do you think he is going to do at Mississippi State? Do you think he can turn the program around?
    "I really do. The coaching staff is excellent. It might not be the first year, but I think in a few years it is going to be excellent."

    What are you going to major in at State?
    "I plan on majoring in engineering. I really don't know which field. That's one of the reasons I went up there and talked to the academic people. I was trying to get more into what type (engineering) I want to do. I don't want to do any computer type engineering."

    Do you remember your overall stats from this past season?
    "All that I remember are the punts. I think my overall average was about 42 or 43 with my net around 40 to 41."

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