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Former Mississippi State standout point guard Todd, Myles, currently the head basketball coach and dean of discipline at Paul Robeson High School of Business & Technology in Brooklyn, N.Y., was gracious enough to grant an interview with The Robertson Report's Steve Robertson. He talked about the reason he wound up at MSU, one of his former players, current MSU freshman point guard Gary Ervin, MSU head basketball coach Rick Stansbury, and his expectations for this year's MSU basketball team.

Todd what led you to MSU?
Harvey's! Lil Dooey's! (Laughs) Seriously it was a nice change of pace and a place I could focus on my academics. I have family in Alabama, so that was a factor as well. I really like the Southern lifestyle.

What do you think of Gary Ervin's play so far?
Gary is doing great! I couldn't be prouder. He is going through a maturation process right now. He's getting to play behind Timmy Bowers, which is a tremendous opportunity. It's a great situation for Gary to be in. He's coming along fine and next year, when he is starting, he will be ready.

Are you aware of the fact that Rick Stansbury signed contract extension that will keep him in Starkville through 2008?
No, I hadn't heard that, but it's great. It's the best thing for the university and the program. Coach Stansbury is a class act all the way around. He is a player's coach and his players love playing for him. Coach Stansbury is one of the only college coaches in the nation that I know of that doesn't curse his players. I still stay in contact with Coach. In fact, we just spoke four or five days ago.

Today MSU received a commitment from Monta Ellis, who is one of the top players nationally. He plays for Lanier out of Jackson. What does that say about Coach Stansbury?
That's great. Like I said before, Coach is a class act! People don't realize how much talent there is in Mississippi. Coach always gets the best players in the state and what he has done he has done with mostly local talent. Look at Timmy Bowers and even Mario Austin. Mario is from the area too. If Coach keeps getting the best players in the state and a few players from other places, MSU will stay at the top.

What are you expectations for this year's MSU team?
They will be in the final eight. Most definitely! I already have them in the last eight. They may even go farther. They should be no worse than a 1 or 2 seed in the south.

Do you think MSU can maintain this success or is this a special team on a one-time run?
MSU is for real! This is what Coach has been building. This is one of the best situations in the nation. This is for real, MSU has great talent. I mean just look at Timmy Bowers. He is one of the best players in the nation and Vincent is a good one too.

You helped put one of the first wheels on the Stansbury bandwagon. How does that make you feel?
It's something I'm proud of. It was a great experience.

It has been reported that you were very instrumental in leading Gary Ervin to MSU. Is that true?
Gary is at Mississippi State because of me. At one time he really wanted to go to Arizona, but I told him if you want to go somewhere and get your academics, MSU is the place for you. I'm not saying anything bad about Arizona, but I know about MSU from my own experience. Gary had his ups and downs as a player here, but really came on later in his career. I'm proud he is at MSU.

Do you think you'll ever steer anymore players to MSU?
Well, it's always the player's decision, but if I can, I will. MSU is a great place to play ball and get your education.

Well, Todd what are you up to these days?
I'm back home at my old high school, Paul Robeson High School. I'm the head basketball coach and the dean of discipline. I'm working with a lot of the same teachers that taught me, so it's been great. I was an assistant for the same coach that coached me and he wouldn't hand the program over to anyone else.

Todd you were a great Bulldog, best of luck to you and your team. Thanks for your time.
No problem. I've enjoyed it.

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